Video Games You Will Never, Ever Play

I realize it's ridiculous to complain about not having enough games to play, but our hearts are still broken at the cancellation of these eleven games.

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SpunkyMrSpiffy3738d ago

I wouldn't buy Sadness even if it did come out. i mean it sounded like a good story but a depressing one at that. if i want to be depressed i wouldn't flip the channel when those abused and neglected animal commercials come on with that depressing music in the back ground.

ChickeyCantor3738d ago

Never saw that full throttle 2 trailer before =_=...loved the first one.

And there is a Starfox 2 rom floating around...somehwere

BLACKBOIJONES3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

All i want is a next gen getaway and to bring out 8days. And to b honest im sure sony is working on those games.Think about it,getaway had a huge fan base on the ps2(not as much as grand theft auto) but is was still decent and knowing sony they will not let the game die like that. I suspect sony will talk about it may b next year or 2. But hopefully i hope is sonner than that.

mrv3213738d ago

Redwood falls is still being shown at Sony's montages, last I saw it was a move game.

LMNO looks fantastic, if EA wants win the hearts and minds of gamers, release that game. Their was more emotion and realism in that one sneak peak lasting 30 seconds than the entire history of Call of Duty, generic FPS and most games combined.

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The story is too old to be commented.