First impressions: 'Mass Effect 2' comic for PlayStation 3 | USA Today

Mass Effect 2, the powerful role-playing game from BioWare, presents an interesting dilemma for Sony's PlayStation 3: how do you explain to players the events of the first game, published by Microsoft for the rival Xbox 360?

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MysticStrummer3648d ago

I so wanted to be blown away by the ME2 demo. I really did. It started off very nicely. Sheppard being blown out of the ship and struggling with his/her helmet while drifting toward the planet was so damn cool... one of the coolest videogame moments ever, in a demo at least... then the actual shooting gameplay threw a bucket of cold water in my face. I know demos don't always convey the greatness of a game, but if I had never heard of Mass Effect I would never play it based on that demo. As it is, I'll play it when it goes on sale and I'm stuck with no other games to play.

Mmmkay3648d ago

totally agree. the shooting was terrible in the demo. the fact that you can choose the same conversations over and over again didn't win me either...
already had the game preordered anyway, so for now it's in my backlog.. gotta 100% assbro and dead space 2 first. and new vegas. and killzone 3...

MastaMold3648d ago

I got the game when it released on tuesday and i'm hooked, i'm 16 hours in I do work so I dont play all day but this game is great. The comic is sick this game is holding me till Killzone 3 come out

Baba19063648d ago

i wanted to dl it but no dl here in europe yet... sadly. =(