Talismoon Whisper Xbox 360 Replacement Fan

Reincarnation. An unusual philosophy if you are developing new products. But Talismoon knows what OEM fans want when they get reincarnated - to be better performing and better looking. The new Talismoon Whisper Xbox 360 Replacement Fan moves 58% more air than the original, yet is 7% quieter.

And the stellar blue lights are enough to seduce any Xbox 360 into doing something it definitely won't regret in the morning. Let your Xbox 360 hear the secrets of a new Whisper.

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Capt CHAOS5835d ago

It's my DVD drive.. Shame MS didn't make that replaceable..

Madmax12819805834d ago

They Should Have Made The Fans Green It Would Have Matched The Ring Of Light And The Lights On The Control Pad