PS2 drops to £94.99

The PlayStation 2 will drop in price to £94.99 or 129.99 Euros across Europe this week. Memory cards will also be reduced to around £15.

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BIadestarX5375d ago

It this the only way Sony can stop people from buying a 360? Sony is trying to prevent Microsoft from selling 10 Mill consoles before the end of the year. They want to keep those charts showing that the PS2 is doing better than the 360. Nice dirty trick; but I think this will hurt PS3 sells.

big_tim5375d ago

Your an idiot. Unlike Microsoft, they aren't going to abandon their system. This will promote it to those who don't want to put down the big bucks for the 360 or PS3. There is still a huge market for these people. It will be just like the PS1 if you remember how that happened.

BIadestarX5375d ago

Who's the one having a titty attack?
If you have any thoughts you are more than welcome to write them. Why do you have to result to insults? That’s the difference between Sony fanboys and everyone else. You can't just have an educated conversation without insulting people. The reason why I said that; 1) The PS2 had a price drop 2-3 months ago. 2) PS2 is cheap enough. 3) PS2 is selling better than the 360 everywhere.
I don't know how much it cost to produce a PS2 but I don't think is $20. So, can you please explain why would Sony is dropping the price of a product which is on high demand, have no competition (original xbox gone) and is selling well. Can you please try answering without any childish insults?

USMChardcharger5375d ago

a price it is actually worth. the game cube is twice as powerfull (i base this on the cpu running at 433mhz on cube and the ps2 running at 197mhz) and has sold around this price for years.

360lagman5375d ago

Whoever vote lame is a true fanboy