New Night of the Sacrifice Trailer Looks Creepier Than Ever

From Siliconera: "Another look at Marvelous Entertainment’s whacky survival horror experiment on the Wii."

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OGharryjoysticks3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

For these Mature games I hope these devs are starting to work on HD versions along with Wii development because if this doesn't come upgraded to PS3 it's a wasted opportunity

lil boy blue3797d ago

Well did u take into account that the dev cost dont warrent the sales. I hope u know ps3 has its share of flops. I dont see much in this game but whatever

Pozzle3797d ago

Wait...So shitty looking horror games like this get released over here, while quality horror games like Fatal Frame 4 stay in Japan?


ally123453797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

not to mention the fact that it basically looks like a lousy ripoff of fatal frame 4, right down to the girl playing the piano:

ryan_s3797d ago

we always dont get the good stuff thats just how it is

Kon3797d ago

that pic gives me creeps.

sam22363797d ago

This better get an EU release. If it doesn't, I'm selling my Wii. I'm fucking sick of the Wii not getting any decent games!

The only decent horror game to come out for the console was Cursed Mountain (Those who like the old RE games should play this). Project Zero 4 should've been released outside of Japan FFS!

Pozzle3797d ago

There's a translation patch for Fatal Frame 4 that can be downloaded from the web. Of course, you need a Japanese copy of the game which is pretty expensive and it's still not as good as having an "official" English release. But from what I played, it was definitely a great game. A little slow in places, but overall a great game. Very old-school survival horror.
I don't understand why it wasn't released over here. There are much, MUCH worse horrors that HAVE made it over to our shores. :(

EliteDave933797d ago

Holy shit that was kinda creepy.

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The story is too old to be commented.