'You're going to end up with [PS3] shortages' - Kaz Hirai

The US boss at Sony, Kaz Hirai has issued a stark warning about PS3 shortages this coming launch and Christmas.

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Silverwolf5372d ago

that's gonna leave a mark!

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Karibu5372d ago

Ofcourse there's going to be shortages.
Everyone wants a ps3.

TheMART5372d ago

that's not the problem only blind fanboys want one for that massive 600 euro's/dollars.

The problem is always Sony's production problems. What's new? PSP same problems

Karibu5372d ago

What's the big deal, we paid the same money from PS2.

TheMART5372d ago

Bullsh!t man, this was the launch price in 2000

North America

US$299.99 (October 26, 2000, Launch Price) (CAD$449.99)
US$199.99 (May 14, 2002) (CAD$299.99)


And what history tells more is that the most expensive console always fails. So there you go with the paystation

Karibu5372d ago

Eur 500 (Launch)

Same for PS3 isn't too much.

TheMART5372d ago

First off, very, very few countries had that price. I guess you should blame your government of having high VAT taxes.

Who is living in Finland then also...
Furthermore, if one bought a PS2 for 500 Euro that person has been dumb as hell.

For the largest part of the world, 600 Euro/dollars for a non retarded PS3 is just too much. Compared to the overall launch price of 300 dollars of the PS2 it's double of that price.

All consoles being most expensive in it's generation FAILED

So you know what to expect

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Ken Kutaragi5372d ago

Yes, my sony fanboy children, there will be a shortage. So if you cant get your hands on a POS3 console this holiday season why not get a POS2 and a couple of POSPs?