Next Week's PlayStation (PSP2) Event is "PlayStation Meeting"

Andriasang writes: "It's well known now that Sony will be having a big Tokyo press event on the 27th where it will unveil the PlayStation Portable 2. An analyst has clued us in to the event's name: "PlayStation Meeting."

Sony used to have PlayStation Meeting events periodically, but Thursday's installment will be the first event with the name in six years."

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KiasuKiasiMan3795d ago

This practically confirms PSP2 announcement next week. A PlayStation event organized by Sony that so happens to coincide with the rumored announcement date by VG247 and MCV. I don't think its a coincidence but a leak. :)

I hope for FF Type-0 and KH BBS Volume 2 at the event. As well as a great linrup of 1st and 3rd party games

sinncross3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I actually doubt you'l see any PSP2 software beyond LBp2 (its already on PS3 and the original was on PSP so its no surprise) and maybe a playable tech demo of Uncharted 1 (Sony bend are rumoured to be working on the Uncharted spinoff; thsi way they can show off Uncharted but not the actual game they're working on).

Perhaps PS2 titles shown off (FF10 will definitely rev up the Japanese lol) and maybe a PSP title shown running on the PSP2 but enhanced graphically (something the PSP2 maybe could do)

I think the event will focus more on the hardware and its capabilities (hopefully its fully decked out in terms of media support) with E3 being left to unveil software lineup.

offdawall3795d ago

i hope sony isnt rushing it .... honestly is nintendo has no glasses 3d so should have that tech on their portable to

Pixel_Enemy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

There's no need for 3D on the PSP2. It is a gimmick. It is not needed but it is a nifty feature to have.

zootang3795d ago

Rumour going around that it will have 3D.

Pixel_Enemy3795d ago

I'll take 3D if it does have it no doubt. I just don't think that it is necessary, I will be getting it either way.

matey3795d ago

the psp is a gimmick the 3ds is revolutionary end of u can slide the 3d on off what ever hollywood are interested in 3ds and everyone says the 3d is incredible so u get ur psp2 that will be a psp with better graphics the 3ds has better graphics than any handheld

ZombieAssassin3795d ago

God i hope there isn't 3D it'll just jack up the price for a feature I'd never use.

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Burning_Finger3795d ago

Announce the damn thing already. Sony likes to tease but eventually get leaked before it was even announce.

Malebaria3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I´m curious to hear about its battery life. Anyone would like to guess a price?

saint_john_paul_ii3795d ago

well, if the 3DS is going to be $250 US dollars, then the PSP2 could be at $300-$350

Masterchef20073795d ago

That seems about right but i am guessing 299€ is probably the most likely price. My predictions for the PSP2 are

1. OLED HD Screen
2. Instead of UMD flash based media
3. Graphics will be better than the 3DS (guessing little less than PS3 GFX)
I hope i am right though especially with the OLED screen cause that tech is pricey but perfect for a handheld cause it provides better colors and consumes less battery.

supremacy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Well this should be interesting, I am willing to bet among those who are eager to finally see or hear about this device for the first time are haters and skeptics.

Skeptics whom are just waiting to get their first glimpse and apportunity to try and knock this device down.

Which will resort in more opiniated articles like the infamous 5 or 10 reason why so and so device will fail without having the slightest of legit intel on so and so device. Anything for hits I suppose.

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