New hands free mic for Xbox 360

Joytech makes a new handsfree mic for the Xbox 360, similar to the old Nyko mic. But this new mic has one new feature.

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T-Rac5379d ago

wow that speaker thing looks terrible

I mean wow im not gona be buying that and no odubt it will be insanely expensive.....

signal3605379d ago

probably not. should be around $20. the old one was about this price.

ACE5379d ago

cool hands free . i'll have some of that .

haha and kingboy r so sad hitting lame on all 360 articles lol thats funny sad sony droids

kewlkat0075379d ago

Kingboy and the HahA sissyboy is hating on everything 360...Talk about being jealous. I didn't think it could get that bad...Sad when you come to think of it.