Another sign that PC gaming is booming: Paradox Interactive’s revenue is “up by 1,000%”

PCGamer: "Paradox Interactive’s CEO Fredrik Wester has today announced at the company’s press conference in New York (attended by our very own Evan Lahti and Graham Smith) that their total revenue has increased by 1,000 percent since 2003."

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Xfanboy3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Im happy in my pantz!! boom!!!

dragonelite3700d ago

Planning on getting a gamerig too this year.
This hardware gen is to weak and next seems still 3 years away.

imvix3699d ago

Its the only way to make a gaming library really fast and cheaply. One round of steam or D2D discounts and you can end up with as much as 10 games for a mere 100usd.

No way consoles can compete when it comes to how cheap PC gaming can be. Consoles being owned owned by large organizations need to cover all those costs just to stay avoid losses.

On another note anyone looking to make a library not only has it cheaper on the PC, it performs better and there is a good chance those games will be working for a long while to come. With Console, console makers may try to remove BC just to ensure people go out and buy new games, also the fact maintaining BC with newer hardware can be a costly affair.

dragonelite3699d ago

Sweet jezus haha you're right at that.
Bought like 10 game on this steam holiday season i only have a capable laptop that can just run things on medium at 720p around 30 fps but i still bought games just incase when i get better hardware to play with and for school of course but mostly for gaming :P.

Shackdaddy8363700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

You have had to be doing pretty bad before to be up 1000%. Damn!

Edit: Guess I was wrong :)

Letros3700d ago

They own GamersGate, which actually makes this more surprising, that a competitive DD system can have this kind of growth even with the Steam behemoth.

Mista T3700d ago

yup, got into it last year. I hardly ever touch my xbox or ps3

emk20043700d ago

pc was never dieing, in fact it been growning for a while

showtimefolks3700d ago

people just assume pc gaming is dead i have not played that many game on pc ever. but i know how much money pc gaming generates

keep up the good work now only if someone can figure out a way to stop piracy pc gaming will become even bigger

Ravenor3700d ago

Pirates more often then not were either never going to purchase the game or using the pirated copy as a demo. Demo's on the PC are important to get a feel for whether or not the game will run acceptably on your hardware. The specs on the box don't always tell the whole story, which leads to some unfortunate situations like the PC launch of GTA IV for instance.

Don't pay attention to pirates, they aren't the people developers or publishers need to even think about.

evrfighter3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

"or using the pirated copy as a demo."


say what you will but in a market where there are no rentals or demo's are few and few between. People in my shoes have saved thousands by not purchasing crap.

If you think I don't buy the games I like send me a pm I'll link you to my steam page. I'm sure 3rd party devs are keeping a close eye on the ps3 hack situation. If they don't smell any money they will begin to turn to the platforms that do.

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