Pink PSP revealed

Sony has had an overdose of pink. Pink paint that is. Not only have they revealed the Pink PS2 earlier this morning, but a Pink PSP is also being released on October 27th in Europe.

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specialguest5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

it's kinda funny how the game media make the color pink out to be a big deal. there are lots of different color faceplate for the PSP, yet this one gets a lot of attention. then again, pink is a risky color and it does make somewhat of a statement.

i would be totally surprise if the 360 also releases a pink faceplate. lol...very unlikely though because the 360 is generally not aim towards females. (im not saying there aren't any female gamers)

starbug one5379d ago

I wonder if Sony will make some anti feminist ad to go along with the colour or maybe some blatent homosexual bashing will get them in the headlines

Silent5379d ago

She saw this page on the corner of her eyes. Damn it...