Will Dead Space 2 be this generation's Resident Evil 4?

Rely on Horror writes: "We’ve been seeing a lot from Dead Space 2 lately, what with the game inching closer to its January 25th release date. We know that Isaac’s necromorph-infested adventure on Saturn’s moon-based Sprawl will be one that’s action-packed, even more so than the original. We also know that multiplayer has been added into the mix while not degrading the single player experience. And lastly, we also know that the scares and shocks are being brought back from the first game. And it’s for these very reasons that Dead Space 2 may end up being hailed as this generation’s Resident Evil 4."

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Mr Tretton3741d ago

How about just calling it Dead Space?

chaosatom3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

It doesn't even make sense since RE3 and RE4 were very different and there was nothing like RE4 at that time in terms of gameplay or graphics.

Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 1 aren't hugely different. If Dead Space 1 wasn't RE4, then I don't see why Dead Space 2 will be.

Although I do wish they would implement character control of Dead Space in RE series. :)

Spydiggity3741d ago

the multiplayer is a crappier version of left for dead versus though.

i'd say, strictly talking about combat style, alan wake is this generation's RE4. not nearly as good as RE4, but if RE5 had the combat feel of alan wake it would have felt a lot more current gen.

ABizzel13741d ago

I wouldn't say Alan Wake was this gen's RE4, but I get what you're saying.


If they mean the RE4 that get the first step in the wrong direction by mixing Biohazard main franchise with Gun Survivor Dead Aim, getting rid of zombies and umbrella, overusing daylight settings, replacing viruses for macroscopic mind control parasites, introducing even stupidier zombie AI that will charge at you one by one and making what should have been a great Horror game into a action filled Shooter... I really hope not.

ReservoirDog3163741d ago

Yeah re4 symbolized an evolution in 3rd person shooters. It wasn't good cause it was just cause it was a good survival horror game.

MysticStrummer3741d ago

Damn I hope it isn't this generation's RE4. I borrowed RE4 from a friend and lost interest before I was halfway done with the game. The RE series peaked with RE2, took a step back with RE3, and fell off my gaming radar with RE4. I wanted to give RE5 a chance, but the demo was so bad I only played one of the two parts before deleting it and crossing the game off my to-get list.

VenomProject3741d ago

He's got a point, RE5 was doggy doo.

cooperdnizzle3741d ago

I thought RE4 was alright i could play through the hole thing. i did beat RE5 but it was crap. Code Veronica is the best RE game closely flowed by RE2 and the remake of RE. Zero was pretty good too. But yea the game series did go way down hill starting with four. It was pretty horrible too!

Kon3741d ago

How i can answer this...

Bear_Grylls3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

with a god I hope not lol... RE2 was and still is the best RE adventure to date. Capcom have lost their way some much over the years that I doubt that they could make a game of the same caliber now.

EDIT: Dead space 1/2 is and will be good but survival horror it ain't.

EDIT @ showtimefolks.

I am still going to play it, I just never get the same horror feeling I got from the older RE games and Silent Hill games, they actually made you scared of opening the next door. I get none of that from anything other than Stalker on PC this gen and thats an FPS game.

showtimefolks3741d ago

its is as close to action/horror you will get this gen

RE series has lost its way
silent hill has lost it a while ago
alan wake was kind of good

DS 2 for the win atleast that's the way i feel

RE4 in HD maybe because thats what RE5 was

cooperdnizzle3741d ago

Hey Showtimfolks Silent hill has not lost it's way. Those games are still really well done. And yea Alan wake was just horrible. It was boring dull and repetitive. I don't think ya would no a bad game if it bit you in the butt.

Deathstroke3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

No. Resident Evil 4 has a 180 turn. They took it out of Dead Space 2. In Dead Space 3 they'll take out the ability to move & shoot at the same time.

Quagmire3741d ago

I thought it already was.

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