Xbox 360's Dirty Secrets: 5 Things Microsoft Doesn't Want You To Know About

NowGamer: Microsoft really doesn’t want you to read this column, or know about these things; it’d much rather you just kept playing COD or something.

Look away, there’s nothing to see, move along please, do NOT read this...

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Feckles4875d ago

Security on Xbox Live is one thing, but surely the benefits out weigh the risks. Just look at Portal 2 and LittleBigPlanet as examples.

r1sh124875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

to be fair..
We will never know the exact fail rate figures for any of the consoles.
Yes the 360 was bad, but for the most part its been fixed.
Ive had 2 xbox's, the old 120gb elite which I sold for the new slim 250 gb.
Never had a problem, same goes for the ps3, Ive now had 2.
The fat and the slim 250gb and not a problem with either.

theonlylolking4875d ago

RDOT is the new RROD. RROD does not exist anymore since they changed the way it alerts you. On the new xbox 360's it is a flashing dot in the middle of the ring where you press the power.

The RDOT does not happen as often but it happens and thats a bad thing.

Persistantthug4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

It's been 6 months.

I don't think its too far out of the way to demand more than 6 freakin months to prove XBOX 360's don't break anymore.

And to be fair again, I'm very convinced prior to the new units, that at least 50% of every owner since 2005 has had a broken XBOX 360.

I wouldn't buy a toaster with those kinds of egregious fail rate/ratios.

Sorry, but I was taught better.

Amplitude4874d ago


If somebody has owned a 360 since 2005, it is broken. It is definately much, much higher than %50. :E

Im not hating. The 360 slim has proven to be solid so far. But there's no doubt that the 360 had god-awful reliability at launch.

Retro_Zombie4874d ago

"but in this day and age of super-duper HD visuals"

Really? On the Xbox? lol!

Kleptic4874d ago

regardless of the accuracy...the best line in the entire article:

'The 360 is about as reliable as an 'xbox 360''...THAT is funny...

Trebius4874d ago

xbox struggles to do HD. Kind of hard when you have no room on the Dvd.

Edito4874d ago

We will never know exactly but take the experiences of 360 owners as example i 10 friends with 360 and they all had problems with it and i have the 1fs Gen PS3 and its working like a charm MS need to rethink about this seriously...

mikeslemonade4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

6. Microsoft makes it easy to join xbl-gold but more difficult to get out. When I payed for xbl-gold via the 360 it auto-renews your xbl gold once it expires. You then won't be able to cancel on the system. On the 360 they tell you to visit a website and then for the newbies they will find out that they will have to call to cancel. With all that trouble the average lazy gamer will be a xbl gold subscriber for a life time. That equates to people who will be paying $1000s for Microsoft and they don't play xbl that much or at all.

7. Microsoft advertises multiplatform games like they're exclusive for the 360. I think COD is majorly synonymous with the 360 brand. They tried to do it with Final Fantasy 13 too. GTA4 had the same kind of treatmeant.

doa7664874d ago

these are hardly secrets, everyone knows it

I like how some posters below are saying: "but, but the 360 and Kinect are dominating"

who cares? really, this site is called news for gamers, this is about games and the platform to play them, not sales numbers of housewives and toddlers dancing in front of the TV

I have a friend who just purchased his third 360, that plus almost 5 years of Live he already spent more than a 1000 to keep playing games

and he was one of the people laughing and the PS3's 600 launch price, I paid that and it's still working just fine and never paid for anything else other than games

Close_Second4874d ago


What a f**king stupid bit of reasoning. Because the 360 only uses DVD it can't do HD. Thats funny, cause my PC only uses DVD and the games play in resolutions that dump all over the consoles.

DVD is not a limiting factor but the amount of graphic memory certainly is.

NewZealander4874d ago

ive had two xbox 360 consoles, never had a problem although my friends have, i got a ps3 slim a year ago and it just died, now hows that for unfair!

jneul4874d ago


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Eyeco4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

i wouldn't really call these secrets, because we've known all of this for over a years now.

e.g. for over 2years we've known that XBL is a closed network,
we've known for 5 years now that the 360 has a high failure rate. we've known that the 360 lacks 1st party studios.

chrisnick4874d ago

none of those things matter. Not then and not now. Because once a bad product is made popular, the ignorant gobble it up and it's deemed a success.

"Dude my xbox broke 5 times. I need to buy another one."
"You have a 360? I need to grab me one too!"

^7 consoles right there.

eliasg4875d ago

Why bring the RROD again . Microsoft already solved the hardware problems on XBOX360!!!

Dave13514874d ago

yep they definitely solved it. thats why my 360 elite just broke last week. One blinking red light error code E 74. Only had it 6 months

Highlife4874d ago

Past is Past right. So we should stop teaching history.

GodsHand4874d ago

I don't even remember yesterday.... what were we talking about again?

KotC4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

To the PS3 fanboy who wrote this

Face palm 1. "Having an open platform would put the 360 in line with the PS3 and PC. It would open it up to all sorts of weird and wonderful games currently epitomized on the PS3 with LittleBigPlanet." Uh... the 360 started indie games on console with XNA and the 360 still has a larger more diverse library of indie, arcade, and retail games.

Face palm 2. "No more MMOs on 360" uh... name one successful MMO on console, any console, just name one.

Face palm 3. "More games on two DVDs" Ok so games will have a mandatory two disc which take 5 sec to swap but on the PS3 you have mandatory installs that take a few minutes to 45 min filling your HDD. Pick your poison.

Face palm 4. "Investment in first party games is falling" thats where 3rd party like Epic or Crytek come in. You're also forgeting Kinect 1st party and the 360 still has a larger library of games over the PS3.

Face palm 5. "360 failure rate" You mean like the PS2 fail rate? Or how about the fact that it's all been fixed free of charge from MS. How are those $150 repair fees from Sony for bad Blu-ray drives and bricked consoles do to firmware updates? RROD was fixed over 2yrs ago and that still hasn't kept the PS3 from chugging last like a caboose.

Sorry Mr 2 year old fanboy blog truth hurts.

AtomicGerbil4874d ago

While all of your points have merit I have to pull you on point 3, there are many PS3 games out there that require no install.

zireno4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

1. Steam


3. Upgrade your HDD with any 2.5 SATA HDD and go make a sandwich while the game installs, it's better to wait 1 time than swap discs many times.

4. Without first party studios the xbox will suffer, many developers are going multiplat like the ones you mention, and having a larger library doesn't mean having the best libary.

5. This gen is about ps3, xbox and wii, not the ps2 and it's well known that the xbox have the worst failure rate. Surs the problem has been supposedly fixed but the past still counts.

ksense4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

to the xbox fanboy KotC

1. it doesn't allow cross platform play for games like portal and most likely other steam games in future. no free dlc or updates? how was it paying for l4d dlc when the pc users and most likely ps3 users get dlc for free with steam games?
2. you make it sound like there are dozens of MMO's that launched and failed on console by asking us to name one. Dc universe online seems to be selling fine and we shall see if it holds its own down the line. it is an option that is very hard to get on x360.
3. it is hard to make an open world game with restrictions like that and hence the linearity in a game like final fantasy which was not like that before plus MS loses money when it has to be multiple discs.
4. larger library, kinect 1st party, really ? clutching at straws?
5. o god they do it for free while i sit here without a system for 2 to 3 weeks and the inconvenience of packing and sending it. i think if they didn't do it for free they would have lost the majority of their users to ps3. ps3 doesn't have that high of a failure rate to worry about losing customers if not done for free.

On a side note I cannot believe I just wrote this.....

ironmonkey4874d ago

all of your complaints means nothing. i have no problems with my ps3. i dont bitch at it like most fanboys do. still have the 20g since first day it released no problems here. for 360 i wont even bother getting into that, everyone knows thats been hell. noone remembers ps2 failure rate why bring something up so low compared to the end of the world rrod?.

Panther527994874d ago

i believe FFXI was considered somewhat of a success on the 360. last i knew they were still supporting it anyway.