Valve: PS3 Steamworks could extend to more titles

Marketing hopes benefits will spread

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zeeshan3934d ago

IF this turns true, this is going to be HUGE! I mean it would be OMG huge!

thereapersson3934d ago

Do you know how many PS3 owners would love to have Steam on the PS3? Many PS3 owners own good-spec PC's, so it'd be all-too familiar to have Steam on PS3. The good thing is, they could extend PS3 - PC multiplayer (cross-platform), so we could see an even bigger gaming environment than ever before witnessed.

I'm excited for the possibilities. Imagine the good PR and marketing / advertising possibilities if Steam were to become as popular on the PS3 as it already is on the PC.

anh_duong3934d ago

of course.. there is no way valve would spend all this time implementing steam if they only planned to release one game..

two new ps3 games in development - will be annouced before e3:

half life

imvix3934d ago

While cooperative (cross-platform) might be nice, competitive play against PC gamers with Mouse and keyboard advantage will be too much to overlook.

Also for competitive play to happen, They will need to implement Mods on the PS3 versions as well, because most of Valves games end up getting modded on the PC. Hence same support would have to be forwarded to the PS3 user base.

anh_duong3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

hmm.. disagrees??

this was posted a year ago:

"i know it will disappoint a few people but

insomniac are 100% going mutli-console.. trust me on this one.. i said this over and over again but insomniac are going multi.. this was a decision made by Ted last year.. the relatively poor reception of r2 cemented the decision within insomniac heirachy to go multi

in the same vein valve is also going multi-console.. but insomniac will release a multi-console game sooner than valve.. valve first (proper) multi-console game is for next year whilst insomniac is later this year or at the latest Q1 next year.. the annoucement will be made at e3 this year.. do you remember that ms makes a big deal of a third party sony exclusive studio/title going multi at every e3?? well insomniac will be their big e3 announcement...

unless things change otherwise mass effect 2 will be annoncced for ps3 at e3 too..

lots of big bold claims i know. bookmark this and go back to it if you don't believe me. "

edit: oh yeah i got the Q1 insomniac game release wrong because resistance 3 was internally delayed by 6months to not overlap with kz3 and insomniac didn't prefer to release during the summer.

Kurt Russell3934d ago

I was just disagreeing with the games you think will be announced. As much as I would love Half-Life 3... I have a feeling we'll be waiting a while on that one. And after the L4D2 fiasco, I wouldn't have thought L4D3 will be on its way just yet.

I would be more than happy to be proved wrong though :)

The_KELRaTH3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

It would do Sony a lot of good for the US market as that's where the 360 is doing better.

I use Steam but their UK pricing is just way off for digitally purchased games - comparable to buying full price from Game stores :(

anh_duong3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

kurt, you could be right.. l4d3 is definitely getting annouced at least before e3.. hlf3 less likely and might be delayed..

but production for hl2 is definitely starting to ramp up..

valve has made a huge investment in ps3 steam and will be populating with in-house games before adding third party steam support...

valve falling out with ms started ever since ms ramped up games 4 windows.. this was a no brainer decision but it is clear that gabe newell has definitely fallen out (gently) with his ms friends... of course things could change but it is very very unlikely that ms would ever allow steam on xbox live and it is very unlikely that ms would let steam dominate pc gaming infrastructure as it has done in the past...

from a long term basis valve now considers sony an ally and microsoft a competitor (steam vs games4windows).. for all the money valve makes from selling it's own games - this money is dwarfed by the inherent value of steam - it will do whatever it takes to protect steam..

piroh3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

you can connect mouse and keybord to PS3 as well as Dualshock, i used to play with Dualshock because of vibrations, sixaxis sensor, 360 degrees analogs and cool design

on topic, i think all upcoming Valve games will be multiplats money talks

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Pedantic913934d ago

L4D 3 for the PS3 confirmed !?

52pickup3934d ago

and 1 & 2 hopefully(Better late than never).

cakeisalie3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

For the last time, why do people want a L4D 3?

L4D 1 and L4D 2 are almost the same game. If they made L4D3 it will just be a rehash. We would rather prefer they keep supporting L4D2 with free DLCs and community support.

Why would you like to pay 60usd for a L4D3 on PS3 and cause everyone else to pay for the game. When you can go ahead buy L4D 2 from steam for a mere 5 usd when its up on discount along with all the DLCs (which also includes all the L4d1 characters and maps).


Request for a Left 4 dead 1 & 2 release is a more resonableone. However when you get a PC version for about 5 usd of Steam, then why not?

Ranshak3934d ago

Agreed. We wouldnt want one of the devs that actually support their games turning into a Activision.

No one here would be happy if a yearly release of Left4dead or any of Valves titles became a norm.

Instead supporting their games is what seperates Valve from the likes of Activision and EA (who will release the same rehased crap year on year, then drop support for the previous game asap).

Valve has been awesome to its fanbase with games like TF2, L4D2 getting free updates to this very day and in return 2-3 years after release the games are still selling bucket loads.


Honestly I have left for dead series on my PC because it was the only console exclusive I ever wanted... I think it gets old quick because of no level up system like fps but It is still the best online horror game around! I would love to play it with friends on psn...

imvix3934d ago

L4D is amazing man got over 200hours played on both L4D 1 and 2 combined. Valves constant support for the game is epic.

thebudgetgamer3934d ago

if i can get counter strike on my ps3, i would punch a baby right in the face.

thereapersson3934d ago

LOL!!!! Bubbs for the hilarious comment

Solid_Malone3934d ago

yeah definitely, i'll be killing cs1.6 out on the ps3

SnakeMustDie3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

L4D3(or L4D2 will do) with Steamworks support for PS3 with free PC version.
HL2E3 with Steamworks support for PS3 with free PC version.

Yeah, Its good to have a PS3 and a PC(and also a wii).

Ranshak3934d ago

Sigh read the comments above why L4D3 is a bad idea, you are better of asking valve for a L4d2 on PS3 or getting it for 5 usd on Steam when its on discount.

Deathstroke3934d ago

Is ANY of the L4D games on PS3? No. So L4D3 is a good idea. If you don't like it, then don't buy it and stop crying over it.

TheTruth893934d ago

PSN = Win

PSN+Steam Network = Ultra Win

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