PS3 vs. High End Video Processors: Impresses In Video Processing Face Off

Video processing has come a long way since FiringSquad first began to cover multimedia technology. The fact that we're even comparing a PlayStation 3 against NVIDIA and AMD flagship products tells you just how accessible high-performance video is.

FiringSquad included the Sony PlayStation 3. Although the Xbox 360 offers a wider selection of games than the PS3, Sony's console is in a completely different class when it comes to home theatre and hi-fi performance.

When it comes to DVD upsampling, it's hard not to be impressed by the PlayStation 3. FiringSquad thinks that it provides a superior output to NVIDIA and AMD's technology and it even holds its own against the flagship HQV technology from Silicon Optix and Teranex.

FiringSquad still believes that the PlayStation 3 represents an excellent stand-alone Blu-ray player given that the majority of content that most people watch comes from 1080p24 Hollywood films – things that the PlayStation 3 does well with. With PS3 in the $500 price range, about the same price as an a high-end HD DVD player, the console suddenly looks like a great bargain for anyone who can take advantage of upsampled DVD, Blu-ray playback, and an entire gaming console with exclusives like Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII, and Metal Gear Solid 4. It's funny how history repeats itself -- the reason to buy PlayStation 2 was Gran Turismo 3, Final Fantasy X, and Metal Gear Solid 2…

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Daz5058d ago

This is interesting artical :/ I dont really care just send me gt5 and i be happy.

secret5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

In the end, xbots will have spent the most money this generation because of their xbox360.

1) Hundreds on dollars on internet fees ($400 or more eventually)
2) Hundreds or thousands on dollars on games and accessories
3) Hundreds or thousands of dollars searching for a standalone bluray player and/or HD-DVD player or add-on plus movies for each format if they have both. (And after deep research, they find that the best valued standalone bluray player (home theater console) is the PS3 afterall if they're a gamer too.
4) Looking for the Wii for motion sensing experience

In the end, xbots will have spent the most money. Can anyone say Consumer??

Turkeys to be slaughtered by wolves for dinner??


PS3 (ports and mulitplats and remakes ) + PC (Halo, Bioshock, Gears, and so on) = xbox360 at 1/4 the cost of the actual xbox360 without the junk games from the million of games that I won't ever buy - ever??

Why would I want an xbox360 if I don't like Gears, Bioschock, or Halo? Why? What else does it do besides play games? Is it a home-theater machine? Is it built to last? Is it quiet? Is it inexpensive?

Kids play games only. Adults and/or straight A students want to do more with their time and money.

nasim5057d ago

no one wants defective low powered console with cartoon games like HALO3 and Mass effect.

The BOTS are clearly abnormal

x360 has no games --their only games GEARS and BIOSHOCK are on PC (better version)

HS and WOWHAWK are just better than any x360 game out there....HS makes all x360 games look like wii games

bluebrad19745058d ago

They actually think what this article is saying is actually a good thing in regrds to gaming.

They are revealing the Cell's primary function, a video image decoder. This is why it's in the ps3, to play HD blu-ray movies. Unfortunately, this is also why the Cell is garbage for gaming applications. Ever wonder why devs hate the Cell? Ever wonder why it will take 5-6 years for the Cell to reach it's potential? It's because sony more or less handed devs a VCR and told them to make games for it.

d3l33t5058d ago

cell is garbage? What are you an idiot? The cell can software render most images without the help of a GFX processor, thats power jackass. You must know nothing about technology, so please keep your comments to yourself next time.
AMD and Intel are BOTH fighting to get into the 'cell' technology because it's more efficient both speed, power, and heat.

m91058265058d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

As someone who has done programming with the Cell in my classes, let me tell you that it is a beast of monstrous proportions. It can do things no other commercial processor could dream about. The only devs that whine about using the Cell are lazy ones. It IS a completely different architecture than most of them are likely used to, most game programmers have little to no experience programming for a parallel processor. Threading is different, memory allocation is different, and branching algorithms have to be tweaked, but it's really the same as a high-performance car engine. It takes more work, but you can get things out of it you could never do with anything similar. The Cell can crunch through numbers, especially floating-point operations (i.e. vertex and geometry co-ordinates) faster than anything out there. It can render entire scenes on it's own, and still have power left over. I've not used it in conjunction with RSX, but even if RSX were 2 gens old, it really only needs to handle texture filling and some video buffers, especially with new deferred pixel shader algorithms for the Cell that move most pixel shaders to the SPUs. No, the Cell is NOT a processor meant to run an OS like Windows, or to run 100 word-processing documents at once, but when it comes to graphical and physics performance, it can't be touched by any other CPU.

bluebrad19745058d ago


John Carmack doesn't see things your way.

m91058265057d ago

lol, Carmack said the same thing about multi-core processors in general. He hates new tech. Not to say he isn't a god in the gaming world, but he doesn't seem to like to "get with the times" as far as technology goes. Imagine how much further he could push his stuff if he would just embrace new technology when they come out, instead of 4 or 5 years later? And as great as he is, there are better developers than John Carmack. [/blasphemy]

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JIN KAZAMA5058d ago

is a flagship of consoles. The 360 is just a cheap rip off thats acting like it can hang with the PS3. In due time, the PS3 will take over in EVERY aspect of gaming. It already has pretty much caught up to XBL, and once HOME hits, its over for XBL. XBL is archaic once HOME hits. Great time to be a PS3 owner.


Feihc Retsam5058d ago

You just make other PS3 fans look bad.
You obviously don't own an Xbox360, so your opinion is based on second hand information.
If you did BY CHANCE happen to own an Xbox360, you are really missing out.
The Xbox360 has some great games, and many of the multi-platform titles look and play better on the Xbox360 than the PS3.
ANd just because you don't have to spend $500 to get an Xbox360 does't mean it's a "cheap rip off".
IN fact, many feel that the PS3 is OVER PRICED. Combine that with it's general lack of compelling games, and that explains the unimpressive sales numbers.

Warhawk and heavenly sword have finally started to make me feel a bit better about my PS3 purchase, but the XBox360 still gets the majority of my time, and I expect taht trend to continue until later in 2008.

bluebrad19745058d ago

The ps3 is a HD movie player masquerading as a game console. It's apparent that anyone who buys a ps3 isn't thinking about gaming. But that's OK, Sony wasn't thinking about gaming either when they built the ps3.

mustash20035057d ago

please, disapper back to your sheltered life. Everbody knows that the cell processor is a beast. Anybody who buys the ps3 is thinking of gaming as number 1. I think its very obvious that sony thought of gaming when designing the console. Just take a look outside of overheated jet engine (360) and you will find mind bombing games both out and around the corner. If you know anything about games, i wont need to list them.

HarryEtTubMan5057d ago

Everyone take BlueBrad's bubbles..he's and idiot! Dude stop acting like u know what ur talking about...u haven't a clue.

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Feihc Retsam5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Yes, the PS3 is an exceptional value if you are seeking a Blu Ray player / Game console... But many videophyles aren't going to go with a game console that has a mediocre remote to stack in their multimedia cabinet...

I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the console and the crisp visuals I get from upscaled DVDs and Blu Ray movies.

@theAceh below-
Most hardcore home entertainment entheusiasts will probably opt for a good universal remote from Harmony or the like.

I just meant that in general, the PS3 is still not held in as high regards as some of the dedicated movie players out there, and I've even heard some valid complaints about the surved enclosure of the PS3 being inconvenient because it does not allow for component stacking, requiring you to leave the PS3 on top.... Not a big deal, but it's been brought up.

I really hope that Blu Ray can soon establish itself as the universal hi def video format so we can move forward and really wait for all great movie content to roll into our living rooms on Blu Ray discs.

theaceh5058d ago

You have the option of purchasing a sexy Blu-ray remote that's in the 20-30 dollar price range.

Agreed on the moving on part. This format war is just holding consumers back.

Thursday5057d ago

I consider myself something of av videophile, and from that aspect, I would never ever consider the remote to be an issue when choosing equipment. Many remotes suck, but a videophile really only cares about picture quality etc. And in that area, the PS3 delivers. And then some.

TheMART5058d ago

That's all the PS3 is really good for. Video processing/streaming. BluRay...

Not optimal for games though. And that's reality!

emaddox845058d ago

Tell that to the Killzone 2 devs.

power0919995058d ago

"That's all the PS3 is really good for. Video processing/streaming. BluRay...

Not optimal for games though. And that's reality!"

So let me get this straight. It's good for VIDEO processing, but that does not translate to VIDEO gaming in any way shape or form. OK.

Perfectly logical.

gerrard5058d ago

you people make me laugh, if the PS3 was intended to be a bluray player, then games like warhawk, Heavenly sword, Uncharted drakes fortune, VF5, GT5, Pro evo 2008, LBP, KZ2, Grand theft auto V, Haze, MGS 4, Getaway e.t.c would have never existed. So stop chatting Bull S**t just because your 360 doesn't make a great DVD or HD DVD player.

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