Madden '07 To Ship with Large Known Bug

The bug reports are already coming in about Madden 2007 on the 360. It seems the first issue was Hall of Fame players showing up in franchise mode, but EA reported that as working correctly. You can in fact draft those players from the jump after you've unlocked them. The other issue was that players weren't fatiguing. That ended up being an actual problem, and EA's response doesn't give us a lot of confidence.

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Nodoze5379d ago

An EA product ships with a bug, what is the world coming to!? We all know how good the last Madden release was on the 360...

Balance5379d ago

has ea ever shipped a game without huge known bugs, whether it be pc, xbox etc..

Lucidmantra5378d ago

I do agree with this. EA is a horrible company about shipping imcomplete or sloppy games that is they spent a little more time with would be great.

kewlkat0075379d ago

that big and they didn't catch this.....see what happens when you rush things...not that I'm a big madden fan.

SEER5379d ago

Bugs? Never! This is EA, they are a respectable, caring bunch who never rush.....
oh alright EA are sh*t!

Monchichi0255379d ago

Bring back the NFL 2K series!!!!! Why oh why must we only have one choice in football games?! That is why I will never buy a game made by EA.

Lucidmantra5378d ago

is that the reason why when NFL 2k was out it didnt even pose a serious theat to Madden? I am not saying anything about which is better but the numbers show that Madden is a HUGEEEE franchise, bigger than all the fanboi favorites because almost everyone who owns a console and who is a male (and not to exclude the females they own it to) But a vast majority of Males who own a console own Madden. Its HUGE.

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The story is too old to be commented.