Portal 2 for PS3, we have a winner!

David at The POW Block says: "At the E3 2010 Sony Press Conference Gabe Newell walked out on stage to announce Portal 2 and Steamworks on the PS3. I was astonished. Valve had only a few years early publicly dismissed the PS3. To have Gabe Newell, the voice of Valve, to express how excited they were to work on the PS3 was nothing short of shocking."

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Caseydilla3194d ago

Wow, it's like a punch in the face to Microsoft...

Andrew Wiggin3194d ago

More like a kick to the balls

t0mmyb0y3194d ago

And now an all new 'Ow My Balls'

Ryudo3194d ago

How is Valve punching Microsoft in the face there quite possibly the biggest supporter of PC gaming currently.

O wait it's n4g and it's just fanboys speaking nonsense.

Nicaragua3194d ago

Microsoft dont make any money from the sale of a PC game so Valve making PC games is not support for Microsoft.

Microsoft do make money from the sale of console game.

Valve are very vocally supporting the PS3 and critiscizing the closed nature of LIVE.

Thats a kick in the nuts for Microsoft - i hope that makes it clearer for you.

blumatt3194d ago

bubbles for Idiocracy movie reference. haha Love that movie.

And yes, Portal 2 on PS3 might be bigger than what we think. It might lead to developing a strong Steam relationship, where all of its games have X game chat and Xgame playing between PS3/PC/Mac users. MS needs to kiss a little Valve butt. haha

KingME3193d ago

Okay, first off Gabe was being a douchebag the whole time when he was making negative comments about the PS3. Now, he's all on board and everything is perfect.

Here's what I see, Gabe is doing what Gabe needs to do to make "MONEY FOR GABE" if that means developing better a relationship with Sony after talking all of the sh!t that he talked then so be it.

Gabe is like a little cry baby that whines when things aren't going the way "HE" feels that they should have been going. It's amazing to me how you PS3 fanboys are so quick to forgive and forget when it benefits Sony/PS3.

I still think that Gabe is a D-BAG and he only shuts up when things are going his way.

I get so sick of every thing that happens around here with you guys is either Microsoft's fault, and a slap in Microsoft's face. Simple a bunch of slanted bullshit.

However, him speaking highly of the PS3 is hardly a kick in the balls of Microsoft. The game is coming out on the 360 as well. Yeah I know the game is probably going to get more updates on the PS3 version, which is fine, that's a choice that multi-console users like myself with weigh when I decide which version I am going to buy.

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branchedout3194d ago

You mean "Us", assuming that the whole population of N4G is a PS3-only crowd?

Don't make it so easy for people to say that N4G is a sony fanboy breeding ground.

BrutallyBlunt3194d ago

Is this the world we live in where on one side we have Valve blasting the Playstation 3 and calling it a waste of time and in the other corner we have XBOX Live is not consumer friendly with fanboys trolling the forums?

Whatever happened to just enjoying the actual games?

I do like this direction Valve is taking of making our games available on more than one platform. I can access Netflix on various devices with my membership and why shouldn't I? I would love games to have this same freedom instead of companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony trying to secure them to their platforms.

Bozzio3194d ago

I think it's just Valve stepping back up to the plate.

SuicideShaun3191d ago

Valve isn't stepping to the plate. They own the whole field. Trust me, over psn xbl and steam, steam is the best and most advanced service out there.

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Hitster3194d ago

I hope this leads to Steam on the PS3

Andrew Wiggin3194d ago

Full Steam on the PS3 is our pie in the sky wet dream.

El_Colombiano3194d ago

That would be TOO good to be true. It's SO hard to imagine.

Xfanboy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

That would be good If you buy games on ps3 you get pc version & if you buy pc games you get ps3 version!! that would be to good to be true!!

I have to say xbox kinda is in suck mode!!
M$ hardcore gamers are suffering!!
that's suffering succotash! lol

ThanatosDMC3194d ago

It'll be hard to integrate since the PC and the PS3 are different from each other. I'd want to play Company of Heroes on my PS3 but that would require THQ to develop for it and that'll take time and money just like the other games on Steam.

Unless they make it like Onlive and we stream the game but that'd be lame just like Onlive.

TABSF3194d ago

@ ThanatoDMS

It does not work that way

Steam PC = over 1200 Games
Steam Mac = over 200 Games

You download the games to you local system and play them off that.

The developer releases the game on the platforms they desire, Valve host the content, when the users purchases a game, then clicks download/install it detects PC/Mac and the decides which version to install.

ThanatosDMC3193d ago

Umm... yeah, basically what im saying. They'll still have to develop for the PS3 instead of a straight port since the PC is different from the PS3. RAM limitation, Cell integration instead of usual CPU on computers, and using the controller.

I have Steam on my PC thank you very much. I'm saying those 1200+ games wont magically be playable on the PS3 even if Valve releases Steam on the PS3. Do you understand what i mean?

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thebudgetgamer3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

in before Panda admonishes you for even thinking that.

NosoleeToxin3194d ago

I don't see steam coming to the ps3, if it was going to happen I think sony would make their own version.

Hitster3193d ago

The only thing about that is Steam already has a giant user-base, and I can't remember the last time I even wanted to check the PSN network for a game.

supremacy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

While this is good news, i feel this is now getting beat to death like those hack articles. Its like these stories are being recycled and distributed to the same people over and over again.

On the bright side of things, i do wish Sony and valve got together and made full steam support on the ps3 possible; better yet make it a natural part of the psn going forward.

Though i lol mentioned this before on another thread.

Andrew Wiggin3194d ago

Isn't it a lovely world we live in? One where everyone wants to talk about the same news over and over again?

I have to agree with what you are saying, but at least with some recycled articles, these ones aren't just wrong.

Sarobi3194d ago

Portal is fun and all but i'd like to hear about Half life, maybe ps3 users will get a surprise on that next :D

The_KELRaTH3194d ago

You mean...... HL2. The PC version With the cinematic mod now also on the PS3 via PS3 Steamworks :)

I like the idea of PS3/PC bundle as I often buy for both when it's a really good title.

xino3194d ago

ps3 wins...AGAIN!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

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