Web 2.0--Microsoft's Afterthought, Nintendo's Blindspot, and Sony's Only Hope

The Weekend Gamer presents part 1 of a two part article looking at how the Web 2.0 is affecting each of the major console developers. From the article:

"This digital revolution is just starting to make its influence felt in the video game market place, and it should be evident to anyone who takes a quick survey of the current landscape to see that the industry is poised on the brink of a large shift in the way that games are developed and played that will take place over the next few years–a shift in which the gamer ceases to be just a consumer and becomes a co-creator of the experience...

...However, user generated content isn't the end of the story. Really it's the combination of new technologies as well as the integration of UGC with the boom in social networking that defines the Web 2.0. And it's finally looking like the nearly fifteen year head start PC gaming has had is beginning to be closed by console companies and 3rd party developers who are realizing the potential that this new shift holds. Let's look at each of the major console companies and how they are implementing a Web 2.0 philosophy into their hardware."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4047d ago

Whatever, these kind of articles only sing the tune of the day. Tomorrow they could be singing a totally different one.

Foliage4047d ago

Considering how the PS3 has sold over 130 Million and still manages to beat the next-gen competition, somehow I find it hard to believe Sony is out of options.

Sony will do just fine. They haven't even started yet.

razer4047d ago

PS3 sold 130 million? Did you mean the PS2?

I reeeaaallly hate the whole "Web 2.0" term and concept.. dumb dumb dumb.

BIadestarX4047d ago

I agree.. dumb... web 2.0 = ajax + letting people custom the site.... nothing new... still the same old html, javascript, css... this term was made just to make website sound cool.. it means nothing.

SmokeyMcBear4047d ago

it means less work for blade

demolitionX4047d ago

but if MS decided to include it in vista, all of u MS suckups will say WOW, web2.0. amazing

DEADEND4047d ago

Everything you've just said is absolutely true web 2.0 is amazing and people who are denying that are blind and will see how great it is in the end.

Clinton5144047d ago

I won't bother reading the article with a ridiculous claim such as that.