Pink PS2 arriving in November

Good news for lovers of the RAZR pink, Intempo's pink sat-nav and the cute pink DS Lite: Sony's bringing out a bubblegum pink version of the PS2.

Click the link below for specs, pics and a review of the new pink PS2....

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TheMART5380d ago

hahaha people have said it all along, PS is the

[email protected]

They should put the PSZero in pink from start on, that would suit Barbie Ken better also!

Gamer135380d ago

First it was a big ps2 then the colour change to silver then they make a smaller ps2 in black then they make the small ps2 in different colours.

And thats how sony hit the 100m mark which is good for the company.

jiggajayp5380d ago

Well, I guess this isn`t a shock since ps2/3 is for B1tches!!! lol lmfao!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.