Do it yourself fix for the 360 controller

Fellow gamer,and console modder "Booyang76", uploads a video of a cheap and easy mod for the 360 controller. With a few screwdrivers,and some sandpaper, it fixes a common complaint with the directional pad on the 360's controller.
In the video he also offers tips on other controller modifications you can do.

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SEER4502d ago

Useful. I absolutely HATE the directional pad for 360 controller. The arrows keep hitting the little ring barrier around it.

ACE4502d ago

i hardly use the d pad lol....

but that blue lights in black case lookd very nice , i must say :)

kewlkat0074502d ago

being a problem when playing games that you have to be precise with like fighting games and old-school arcade games. Which I'am interested in playing. I still like the PS conroller for fighting games. I guess you can say an old-school D-PAD.

Jacks_ego4502d ago

The 360 pad is wonderful except for the D-pad.Im just glad someone found a way to improve it.

starbug one4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

That threw me for a loop. For a while I thought he was holding a left handed contoller, but the image was inverted. Still I'm curious if anyone has ever done this for our southpaw brethren. Yeah the D pad is diffucult, I still havent opened all the voices for DOA as a result. I just can't do all that in the time given. I'm old.OK?