Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix: The Final Trailer

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix hits retail tomorrow. Square Enix aired a final trailer at yesterday's 1st Production Department Premier event, and today made available an official version of the trailer for download.

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mcmmaster4878d ago

Quite an old trailer here, no idea why people are approving this

Z3R0_2KX4877d ago

huh hopefully it will be more challenging and more secret bosses then just the two they showed in this video cause KH2 Final mix had a ton to fight.


Ranking the Best and Worst of the Kingdom Hearts Series

PSLS: "Fourteen years ago this week, Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts in Japan. The series became an instant success largely thanks to its blend of familiar Disney worlds, and famous Final Fantasy characters. Since then we’ve seen several new installments in the action series, plenty of re-releases, and the occasional Japan-only mobile game."

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Kalebninja2980d ago

My list W 2 B

Re:Coded - absolutely terrible game

Re:Chain - changed the combat too drasticly, story was fine

Dream Drop Distance - all around okay, gameplay unbalanced

358/2 - strong story, bad gameplay

Birth By Sleep - Good story, terribly unbalanced and weird gameplay

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Best gameplay, story was good but not great.

Kingdom Hearts - simple but balanced gameplay, favorite story, much better balance between Disney and original characters importance.

detroitmademe2980d ago

I remember how beautiful the first ones art style was and the different colored environments they used. Definitely a classic

DualWielding2980d ago

Agree that the PS3 version of birth by sleep is the best game because it solved the camera control issue which was the main problem of the PSP version


Everyone Is Done with Kingdom Hearts' Weird Titles

Another day, another Kingdom Hearts game with a really weird title. And people are finally just done with it.

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FallenAngel19843177d ago

They can name them anyway they want, I'm just excited for more Kingdom Hearts goodness

GigawattConduit3177d ago

Kingdom Hearts: Excite Fans.Tease Fans/Crush Dreams.DElay KH3.091

TheLyonKing3177d ago

2.5 got released we are getting 3 things with this release each one is .1 of an extension on 2.5 (2.5 + 0.3) is kingdom hearts 2.8 has no one actually noticed this.

I am excited for the game too going on your orginal comment.

3177d ago
jonboi243177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

At least Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn't have a weird name. With the names they've been giving this games I'm surprised KH3 isn't called something stupid like "Kingdom Hearts {Tri} Delta #THR33"

MEsoJD3177d ago

Did this really need an article?