IGN : Dead Space 2 - The Many Deaths of Isaac Clarke

When you play Dead Space 2, you're never going to die, right? Well, that's too bad because there are some awesome kills in the game. Want to see them?

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marioPSUC2883d ago

I loved watching these videos for Dead Space 1, tons of different ways to die.

And I tried to find some cool ones in Dead space 2 demo, and I definitely be doing it in the full game lol

Solidus187-SCMilk2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I finished DS1 on the hardest difficulty and the main reason I didnt want to die was because I didnt want to see poor Isac die in some gross way.

edit-- my favorite was the little octopuss thing thta pops off his head and then slides its tentacles down his neck hole and takes over his body. It even pushes its head against a wall to smush itself into place.

belal2883d ago

i don't like to die, but this game gave a whole new meaning to the name DEATH lol

ZombieNinjaPanda2883d ago

Dunno why but seeing these makes me want to kill the Necromorphs even more.

stuntman_mike2883d ago

they are some of the most gruesome deaths in a game (and people complain about taliban in a game lol?). they love to decapitate poor old isaac. but one of the sickest is literally that the puker when he pukes down isaac throat and it just burns thru him..yuck