Mass Effect 2 Now Live on PSN, 24GB of HDD Space Required

Mass Effect 2 is currently on store shelves waiting for PS3 owners to run out and buy the title, but if you don't want to trek to a local retailer, well, you don't have to because Mass Effect 2 is available for purchase on PSN right now.

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mushroomwig2925d ago

How long do you think it'll take me with a 1.5mb connection?

MattyF2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The actual download is still 12GB, but you are required to have 24GB of open space for the install and download data.

Depending on PSN, you are looking at a long download regardless.

BattleAxe2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

This article is bullshit. ME2 takes up 12 gigs, and then theres the 5 gig game data install.....17 gigs is actually what it is.

trevonn952925d ago

if its 1.5Mb then dont even try lol if its 1.5MB it shunt take too long

JOLLY12925d ago

Shunt? Why are we using medical terms on a gaming website?

AntoineDcoolette2925d ago

I told my 40 gb ps3 about this. It then YLODed from intimidation T_T

BattleAxe2925d ago

Looks like I got one dissagree for each gig :D

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-Superman-2925d ago

Thats alot
I need new HDD

dalibor2925d ago

Same here. Still have a wimpy 60gig harddrive that I manage with to this day. It doesn't bother me though as you can always delete game datas you don't use. Count me out for this ME2 game download b/c of harddrive and internet limitations.

shoddy2925d ago

Just got the disc version, no need to wait and waste 20gb.

Kewl_Kat2925d ago

I agree. It's inconvenient and you can sell or trade it after you're done. You can't do that with a downloaded game.

Gohadouken2925d ago

Not that i agree with piracy , but i dont follow the logic here . how is it more convenient to actually pay for the game instead of grabbing it for free ?

PSn isnt even the fastest network around , i got an average net for my area , and i'm already getting half the game after 2 hrs .

You are dreaming if you guys thinks a 20gb download is going to be a deterrent for piracy .
Many pc games are at least 12gb now and quite a lot of people get movies , series and animes in packs of 15-20gb bluray rips .

it could take a whole week and pirates would still choose it over a 59$ expense .

shoddy2925d ago

If it's on xbox you get the game even before it release.

jessupj2925d ago

Hey guys I have a question. Does ME2 come with a code in the box to redeem and then download the DLC or is it all already on the disk? Reason I'm asking is because I'm renting this one.

Jazz41082925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The game is worth every sec guys. I played it a year ago on the 360 and it was my goty.

lil Titan2925d ago

@VegaShinra maybe you should stop paying your interntet provider. ive been with comcast for a long time and remember when just a GB took for ever, now i can get 4gb just under and hour so 12 gb or 24 isnt going to take long if you have a decent provider

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MagicAccent2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Lol, I would rather crawl with my hands to the nearest video game store and back than wait for that to download and install :P

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I think it's great that they're finally releasing full games on PSN,(that are not exlusive to PSN).

Rybnik2925d ago

Yep, choice is good...

firelogic2925d ago

You mean like Prototype and Red Faction?

Motorola2925d ago

Dont you mean Infamous?

MagicAccent2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Yeah, and MAG too.
Hell even the Prince of persia games.
I remember only a few months ago, there were pretty much nothing but demos and DLC expansions on PSN.

RAZORLAND2925d ago

lol at the 'crawl to the nearest VG store' comment. probably 'cause it what seemed like a day just to download the Batman AA demo a while ago.

Stealth20k2925d ago

thats about a 24 hour download

mushroomwig2925d ago

I wish it was that simple, but I live in a new build area and ASDL is all we can get. :(

emil12925d ago

who cares. mass effect 2 today is also on ps3 so highest rated HD exclusives again are:

uncharted 2 metacritic 96
little big planet metacritic 95

Kon2925d ago

That is about a 72 hour download

infamous-butcher2925d ago

lousey for you its about 10-12 hours for me, but its only going to take 52 minuts (or how ever long) for me to be able to play it as I'm getting the BR copy. Hard copys FTW.

Motorola2925d ago

@Kon stop trolling PS3 mass effect articles, its just a game

Kon2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

LMAO Trolling hahahahah What i've done?? LOL Now telling that the download time for me is 72hours is trolling. Get a life.

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