For Electronic Arts, It Means 'Mothers I'd Like to Frighten'

A Dead Space 2 viral campaign launching this weekend took plenty of chutzpah, I'll give it that. Electronic Arts brought in 200 middle-aged mothers under the auspices of a focus group looking at a new game. They were, aptly, horrified.


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Dsnyder2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

That title is stupid.

EDIT:So they put hidden cameras in there without them even knowing? Is that even legal? God this ad campaign is so dumb. Dead Space isnt even good so they proved themselves wrong, What your mom hates ISNT cool.

Quagmire2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Relax your nuts and have a bit of a laugh.

So what, you don't think whatever your mom hates is cool? must be a mommy's boy then.

ct032833d ago

"So what, you don't think whatever your mom hates is cool?"

Who thinks something is cool because moms hate it? Only kids. The marketing campaign is targeted towards underage gamers. And that's an age group that shouldn't be playing the game.

tails132833d ago

I'm sure the mums signed something along the lines of "You may be recorded yada yada yada..."

Pretty much all focus groups are video recorded, or at least sound recorded.

EA just said "hidden cameras" for affect in the ad.

fooltheman2833d ago

...they recorded and asked on paper afterwards if they had the right to use it...
Who didn't wanted to be used for destroyed...

Dsnyder2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

It would be funny if it were original. Youtube already did this with 2 girls 1cup. This is a pretty shameless way to advertise an M rated game to minors. I havent seen something like this since mortal kombats "weve got the blood" ads. For every Heavy Rain we have to push the point that games are serious mature medium, there are 10 dead spaces and boyonettas to blow that out of the window. This will probably go down in history as one of the most shameless ads in existance.

Quagmire2833d ago

Looks like Moms arent the only one's who hate Dead Space...

ct032833d ago

I LOVE Dead Space, but this ad campaign is awful. Not only does it advertise towards children, it also paints gaming in a very bad light.

JackBNimble2833d ago

hahaha.... I thought it was brilliant, all you mama's boys need to lighten up.

TheGameFoxJTV2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

STFU, Mom.
Edit: This is a joke btw.

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Software_Lover2833d ago

"Fire, it's very firefull"

I spit my drink out, LOL. That was hilarious.

Nitrowolf22833d ago

Anyone else notice on TV that these are just for PS3??

Vorgier2833d ago

loled through the entire thing

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