TheGamerBuzz: Dead Space 2 Preview

Dead Space 2 begins with Isaac Clarke waking in a mysterious hospital on one of Saturn's moons. Everything seems to be going well, but as fate would have it, the Necromorphs are hardly extinct. Isaac has to fight his way through the Titan Station while unraveling the mystery behind Isaac's mental state.

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Ares84PS32882d ago


Game comes out next week I expect to see reviews by now.

VenomProject2882d ago

Launch night, baby.

No lights, no human interaction, and the volume jacked way up.

kramun2882d ago

Kick everyone out of the house and tell them to come back in a few days. That's what I'll be doing.

'Where are we supposed to go?'

'I don't care. F*** off'

That's hardcore.

moe842881d ago

Definitely looking forward to this game.