Game Pro: Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

GP: What's important is that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 successfully brings series newcomers up to speed, which I'm sure was BioWare's primary objective. All that's left now if for PS3 owners to decide whether it's really worth finding a way to dig up a copy of the original game on the Xbox 360 or PC ahead of the grand finale.

PROS: Very solid port; Mass Effect: Genesis comic provides a fine alternative to playing the original game; excellent DLC works seamlessly with the main quest.

CONS: Reports that it's a major visual upgrade appear to be overblown; streamlined gameplay will likely put off more traditional RPG enthusiasts.

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Loner2829d ago

"CONS: Reports that it's a major visual upgrade appear to be overblown"

I knew Bioware were talking out of their ass

FrankMcSpank2829d ago

It does look better. But hype amongst the web was telling everyone it would be as good as the PC. Bioware doesn't blow smoke, they made a great game even better and brought to a whole new audience.

gillri2829d ago

most reviewers aid the 360 version is better than the PC one, never mind the PS3 version

Megaton2829d ago

Really, gillri? Instead of going on a tangent about how incredibly ignorant a statement that is, I'll just say you're wrong. PC version looks better and runs smoother. The only issue is a lack of AA in the game's default options, which is fixed through CCC and the Nvidia equivalent of that.

Common gaming sense should have told you that the PC version of any multiplat will look the best. Especially something running on UE3. Consoles really make that engine look bad. I never appreciated it until I started playing UE3 games on PC.

Kon2829d ago

A console game never will look better as the PC version.

pixelsword2829d ago

Maybe so Kon, but when I see a game whip on Killzone 2 (I'm not even bringing 3 into it), then I'll be impressed.

kramun2829d ago

Crysis pixelsword, Crysis. There's your game.

iamgoatman2829d ago


If you haven't seen a PC game "whip on" Killzone 2, then you obviously don't play any PC games. Most recent multiplats look better, Metro 2033 ring any bells? And the majority will run at 1080p on a £50 GPU.

testerg352829d ago

I thought a lot of the reviews said the PS3 version looked pretty much the same as the 360 version. Actually two comparisons (LOT and DF) said 360 version was better overall.

MagicAccent2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

But the PC will always be slave to new hardware, which the console is not. Fair trade.
Aurora borealis is for eyegasms, games are for playing.

kramun2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

How is it be a slave to new hardware when you barely need 3-4 year old tech to play the latest games?

MagicAccent2828d ago

It is if you're a graphics whore. Which is what Kon was talking about.

If you're running on 4 year old hardware and don't care about graphics you might as well get a console instead of an upgrade for your computer.

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mushroomwig2829d ago

Kon, so what? There's more to a video game than just visuals, Jesus Christ what is wrong with people these days?

I guess we're at the point where people will judge a book by it's cover instantly.

Kon2829d ago

So now it is PC>PS3>Xbox? Am i right?

Dugdug2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I've played the demo, didn't like it, i don't know why this game is praised so much, i kinda found it boring to be honest but that's my opinion as i'm not a fan of western rps.

gillri2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )


huh? dont shoot the messenger, read the PS3 reviews from here on N4G!! its all there! dont take my work it im just a forum poster.......Google is free you know?

ChristianGamer2829d ago

Just in time for the back up manager

pixelsword2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I doubt that he is a Christian.

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