StrengthGamer: DC Universe Online Review

"Every once and a while a game comes along that fills a niche so unbelievably well. DC Universe Online is that game. Finally an MMO for the people."

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AvidGamerrrr2831d ago

Couldn't agree more. They did a great job with this game. I can't stop playing.

Christopher2831d ago

The game is a quality game for what it is. If you're used to and want a typical fantasy MMO, this may not be for you.

Chris3992831d ago

Now if you'll excuse me, the servers are back up after a restart! Peace!

Brewski0072830d ago

i love playing it but im such a noob to mmo's that i dont really know the lingo and stuff lol :(.

Omegabalmung2831d ago

lol same here. Hit lvl 30 last Thursday and now working on pvp gear.

eggbert2831d ago

what mentor did you pick? They all have some different missions.

MGRogue20172831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Nice game... but you have to pay money each month to play? Lame.

Christopher2831d ago

Then most quality MMOs just aren't for you. It's a given that it will have some sort of cost or some hefty limitations if you don't pay with MMOs.

Most disappointing about the PS3 version is that it's not covered by the Station Pass, only the PC version seems to be covered as such.

Chaos Striker2831d ago

Although quality MMO's require a subscription like Eve Online, EverQuest II, and WoW, I still wonder why DCUO did not follow in the footsteps of Guild Wars. The game sells for normal retail price, while incorporating micro-transactions and semi-full retail price for any expansions. At the moment, the community is still going strong with 6+ Million copies sold. It is something that has really puzzled me, but I suppose there are certain costs and restrictions that cannot be covered by GW's model.

Christopher2831d ago

@Chaos Striker: I think development costs got away from them (it's been 4 years of strong development) and they are pushing forward initially with the typical subscription model. It's likely they might do a F2P model once monthly subs fall below a certain number.

I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't already began development on a F2P model and code logic for handling microtransactions for accessing certain parts of the game.

Chaos Striker2831d ago

Indeed. We shall certainly see!

visualb2831d ago

complaining about month sub. in a MMORPG article


Rageanitus2831d ago

do pc players play with ps3 players or is it separate

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The story is too old to be commented.