Netflix Drops Add to DVD Queue from Streaming Devices

Netflix today announced on its blog that it’s removing the “Add to DVD Queue” feature from streaming devices causing a revolt amongst Netflix users. Thus, you will no longer be able to add titles to your DVD queue from your iPhone, iPad, Blu-Ray player, PS3, etc.

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unusualfire2828d ago

Dropping a service after someone has already paid for the monthly subscription is BAD for business. Im so surprised how these companies can continue to get away with this practice. Now if they gave a 30 day notice that may be different. It would give you a chance to continue with their service or cancel.

CaliGamer2828d ago

Well, if you read the agreement that you had to agree with when you signed up for Netflix, you would see that they have the power to make any changes when they want without notifying users.

I agree that it isn't right, but the world we live in today, customer service is not a top priority.

pangitkqb2828d ago

Lame, but not lame enough for me to cancel my Netflix account. I will go complain at though.

AAACE52828d ago

Also, keep in mind that Netflix wants to try to get all of their movies set up to stream, even new releases. So if this is the first step towards doing that, then i'm ok with that!

Christopher2828d ago

They're not dropping a service, they're just limiting where you can add DVDs to your queue.

Technically, every single one of their applications put out for streaming video is absolutely free to use without any additional costs.

It's highly unlikely that anyone who has Netflix doesn't own a computer that's connected to the internet considering streaming requires an internet connection as it is.

Not really a big deal.

Wenis2828d ago

It does seem pretty pointless though. A lot of time when I'm browsing on my PS3, I see a movie that I'm not really in the mood to watch at the moment, but go ahead and add it to my queue so I can watch it later. No I'll most likely forget the title of the movie unless I go straight to my computer to add it from there. Its only a slight inconvenience yes, but just seems pointless to do this.

Christopher2828d ago

Just to clarify, you can still add instant movies to your queue. Just not DVD/BD movies.

I'm not exactly sure why they removed this feature. Perhaps it's a security reason or just a UI design choice based on how many people don't utilize them in the first place. But, it at least doesn't prevent you from still watching movies how you want with them.

KozmoOchez2828d ago

yea hopefully they remove those videos from the list...nothing annoys me more then seeing something that I want to watch, only to see that its dvd only...

If i want a dvd(which im actually getting rid of dvd from my service) I will go online to get it - i've only used it once anywayz

GodsHand2828d ago

I agree, remove the DVD only selection from the stream app.

MNicholas2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

First, Microsoft practically bribed Netflix to use Silverlight in order to force desktop users to use Windows instead of Linux.

Now, this is yet another deal made between Netflix and Microsoft to force users to use their PCs.

It's all about forcing people to use Windows Desktops/Laptops (where Microsoft really makes their money) as much as possible

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FrigidDARKNESS2828d ago

who needs dvd when you can stream everything in 1080p

Nineball21122828d ago

The thing is most of the movies I wanted to watch were DVD Queue only. You couldn't stream them.

I personally think Vudu is the better service myself.

FrigidDARKNESS2828d ago

I agree thats why i dropped netflix and went with VUDU because i can stream new titles on day one when there on the market.

cervantes992828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Vudu is fantastic!

I just wish I could purchase a Vudu gift card to add to my account so I don't have to charge my credit card every time.

Does Walmart sell these - since they own Vudu?

Oh well no biggie :)

Mr Tretton2828d ago

I always add from my PC anyway. But, yeah, guess it sucks for those that liked to be able to do it otherwise.

duplissi2828d ago

what sucks is that instant streaming still doesnt work in linux....
wtf...if im not at my playstation i have to boot into windows just to use netflix, also wheres my android support?

and its not even netflix's fault its microsofts, they wont port their drm from silverlight to the linux version moonlight....

Soldierone2828d ago

Im fine with it if they remove all the DVD only titles from the streaming portion of the site. Its so annoying when your looking for movies and nothing but DVD titles show up.

If they get ALL titles on streaming service, hell even if its late, then ill be completely happy. Why not implement a service so that you can watch newer movies like 3 times a month or something? Oh thats right, because companies like FOX are greedy.

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