PS3 Dashboard and "Guide" menu

A video of how the ps3 dashboard will look and how the guide menu will work.

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Jay da 2KBalla5380d ago

I saw it on ign and it looked boring and plain. Very last gen in my opinion.

jesstray5380d ago

Agreed. It looks very boring.

Marriot VP5380d ago

IGN said that the 360 vision camera was far more cool than the PS3's interface in their episode.

TheMART5379d ago


Boring as hell actually. PSP rippoff, it seems as if they did more rushjobs then the console itself alone.

Man it's just a PSP with a larger case around it

kingboy5379d ago

it makes more sence why it`s lookin more like a psp interface becuause we know the psp would act like a remote or something else with it to control the console

TheMART5379d ago

It's getting a more and more expensive project by the minute

For what use actually? See the rear mirror in GT on the PSP? For real. The dashboard and guide menu have a originality and innovativity of 0,0. Just plain dull

PS3 for 600 dollars, PSP for 250 dollars, total 850 dollars for a PSP rippoff system. No extra controllers, no games bought yet.


wakkiwakko5379d ago

The PSP will act as a remote controller :D You can control your PS3 from anywhere in the world with it's wi-fi feature. So you can pretty much play any ps3 game when you're not at home. Of course you won't see anything. You'll have a nice display of your scores on the psp but nothing else.

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The story is too old to be commented.