1UP:Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review

1UP:The PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 proves, if nothing else, that the game holds up nicely a year after its debut. It's still a brilliant (albeit sometimes overly streamlined) RPG. That said, the PS3 version isn't quite the definitive version -- despite alleged improvements to the game engine -- so anyone who already owns the Xbox 360 version can comfortably pass this one up without feeling that they've missed anything.

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FrankMcSpank2828d ago

Great score for a great game. Bioware did a stellar job bringing it to the PS3. I skipped it on 360, so plan on playing through the Dark Horse comic and running with the series on PS3. I can't believe I am getting a year that starts with Mass and ends with Mass. What a great year for me!

Omega Archetype2828d ago

Good score, but the score here on N4G shows it's an A+/A+, however in reality it's an A-/A+.

NYC_Gamer needs to fix that!

Either way, great game and anyone who has yet to experience it (even should they be on 360,) should definitely pick this game up!

pain777pas2827d ago

The review is lacking. I will tell you I have played a good 5 hours straight of this game on the PS3 and I have played ME1 on both the 360 and PC. For starters the comic is sufficient believe it or not. You make the decisions that were made in the first game. What more do you want? Truth be told I was suprised that they pretty much cover all the plot points. The only honest downside is that Garrus is not expounded upon nor other secondary characters like Benezia who had such a cool look and was sort of abscent from the comic. You will get up to speed but for those who played the original you may not feel the way others did when you meet Garrus for the first time. I would also like to mention that the game is very different in some regards to the first. This game seems more mission based and almost like your playing through different levels more than a game of exploration. I have to admit that I am enjoying the game so far and the combat has been improved. The combat is not on par with UC or GeOW but it is adequate. I cannot wait to continue but I had to take a break. Truth be told to say that you are completely missing out not playing the first game is not true you could go into your codex and get up to speed aswell. However, you'll have more emotion when you meet your old friends which I only have one at the moment but it felt good to see them. New comers should not hesitate to pick the game up you will still have a blast.

schlanz2828d ago

Once again the mainstream gaming media ignores PC versions.

From the review:
"you still miss out on the smaller carryovers that lent the game so much flavor on 360"
"BioWare's clunky animation didn't seem too distracting on 360."
"Nevertheless, the 360 version is still the way to go."

The PC version is still the way to go imo.

NYC_Gamer2828d ago

because they are only trying to compare 360 vs ps3.

schlanz2828d ago

Yeah, and that's the problem. There are 3 versions of the game, and the best version consistently gets left out of the discussion because all anyone seems to care about anymore in the mainstream press is fueling the 360 vs PS3 debate.

These are the same kind of people who would always credit ME2, Splinter Cell, and Left 4 Dead as xbox exclusives.

Serjikal_Strike2828d ago

pc fanboys feelin left out yet again:/

schlanz2828d ago

I have over 100 PS3 games and about 15 PC games. So yeah, I'm a PC fanboy alright.

FinalomegaS2828d ago

a hundred ps3 games...

i wish I had that kind of money...

can you buy me some games :P

schlanz2828d ago

Well I'm counting PSN games which accounts for just over half of those. And I buy a large majority of my games used. If I don't get them day 1 then I wait for them to drop to $30 or less.

tigertron2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Thats because the main arguement seems to be about the PS3 v 360.

Tinasumsum2828d ago

What you wrote is the reason for your theory >mainstream<

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