Can Squenix Win Back Fans With Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kombo: While 2010 was definitely a year of great games, it was also a year of massive disappointments. Just look at Epic Mickey or, if you're a JRPG fan, Final Fantasy XIII. The latest numbered entry in the decades-old franchise was awaited with high hopes, and by most accounts, it completely failed to deliver.

Now Square Enix has announced that development on a direct sequel is already underway, and they've promised that it will "exceed FFXIII in every aspect." Can they recover from their recent slump and deliver a worthwhile experience, or will Japanese developers continue to lag behind now-superior Western games?

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Dark_Charizard2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I don't think this is a good idea. XIII was a great game, and it's over now. What Square should do is focus all their efforts on FFXIV and make the PS3 version 100x better than it's PC counterpart.

Enix on the other hand, is busy working with Dragon Quest X for the Wii. Dare they mess that up!

@Maria - Dear, I think you need to look at this:
I don't care how much the Final Fantasy fanbase of the west was split, or how crappy that list it; The game was definitely GREAT. And perfect score from OPM US doesn't lie either.

MariaHelFutura2925d ago

I don`t know about FF13 being GREAT. FF13 was good/ok. If FF13 was great, I really can`t think of a word to descibe what I just saw from FF13V.

VersusEM2925d ago

shut up, everyone has there own opiuons.

RedDead2925d ago

Yeah Maria SHUT UP, FFxiii sucked.
j/k but I didn't like it, what I did like was the world and lore behind it, FF Xiii-2 could easily be a gem. Just a little less corridorry please. I'm seeing a redemption through Versus and Type 0 anyway, so this will just be a bonus to me.

MariaHelFutura2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I don`t know why people are getting so upset about my opinion. If you guys like the game, more power to you. I thought it was OK. If you can`t handle/or like my opinions feel free to "ignore" me, I could care less.(just press the + button beside my name)

doa7662925d ago

I think FF13 was very good, not great

but I still think this is a bad idea, FFX-2 was terrible, they should get working with the FF7 remake instead

rockleex2925d ago

No they can't win me back with XIII-2 unless they totally revamp the gameplay mechanics.

It has to actually be an RPG first before I'll give it a try.

DarkBlade46582925d ago

I considered myself an epic FF fanboy, but I gotta say that 13 did indeed disappoint. Sure it was flashy and pretty, but the rest of the game felt very shallow compared to games like 7,8,9 and even 10. I for one can only hope they return to a more standard exploration type gameplay, and away from the boring linear, narrow hallways.

ExplosionSauce2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Although I guess you can still like it, cause it's not that terrible.
It was ok.

AAACE52925d ago

Focus on FFXIV? Are you stupid?

FFXIV was an area that SE had no business being in! MMO's are an aquired taste.

I expect XIII-2 to be an action RPG much like Versus will be!

HolyOrangeCows2925d ago

"shut up, everyone has there own opiuons"

So he/she can't express theirs in return? lol

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egidem2925d ago

I think Square did screw up things and acknowledged their mistakes, and the easiest proof is FF14. They even started to ask fans for help! I hope they can find their way around and win back the fans they are losing/lost.

General Shrooms2925d ago

I don't see how anyone could think XIII was a great game.

femshep2925d ago

ff 14 was a complete failure just like 11 was
13 was awesome obviously it did have its flaws but over all story progression and char development was awesome which has always been what final fantasys have been about

and for the whiners who not a ff7 remake its not gonna happen square said it themselves multiple times.....and they also said the main reason was because its hard to build towns on the engine they use

im glad they announced ff13-2 but i want versus 13 to come out first thank you

kindi_boy2925d ago

@ Dark_Charizrd

If even SE themselves think the game didn't deliver why would they do another one? that not only is gonna be good but it is going to better than 13 in all aspects. So when people say it sucked that doesn't mean you. that means the general view on the game is mediocre. for God's sake they said we didn't implement towns because it was too much work. Might as well close the whole business down and start doing burritos SE edition.

Enate2925d ago

Dark_Charizard I had to disagree with you because ain't no way in hell FFXIII even deserves to be on the same list as Xenogears, never mind on top of it. An they don't even have Suikoden II on the list pfft what a horrible list that is.

fatstarr2925d ago

I cant even keep track of all the final fantasy games coming out
i think its 7 now
7 different iterations with the FF title.

TBM2925d ago

They don't need to win me back as I've never left. I loved FF13 it was my most played rpg last year.

I will always play a main numbered FF game as this is my favorite series out of any game series.

People can disagree but that doesn't matter to me since I choose which games I play and love.

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FrankMcSpank2925d ago

I can't see them winning any fans with FF XIII-2. Their fanbase isn't on the 360. I would say the game has to be really really good. My best bet is that versusXIII will restore some console faith until Kingdom Hearts III comes out.

wazzim2925d ago

What? FFXIII-2 is on PS3 too, the 360 version will probably win them new fans.
About winning fans back, the ones they lost with FFXIII never were fans, FF fans always keep up with Square's newest FFs.

mac_sparrow2925d ago

Not us all. I love me some FF, and 13 was passable in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I've completed the main plot and will likely plat it one day, but I don't think you're missing an incredible experience if you chose to give it a miss.

Hoping Versus is good

wazzim2925d ago

I don't say you have to like it. Just saying that as a FF fan, you just have the urge to play the new FF. Even if it's bad.

rockleex2925d ago

There's a difference between fans and fanboys.

FF fans will tell it how it is.

FF fanboys will make excuses for S-E even when they know that deep down, XIII's gameplay lacked any depth.

FrankMcSpank2925d ago


I know the FFXIII-2 will be on the PS3. But the JRPG fanbase isn't on the 360. It's always with Sony and Nintendo. It's silly to waste their resources on a system that won't profit when in return the other system and in FFXIII's case gets gimped out on content.

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chadley2925d ago

I also don't think you can win over fans with a sequel to crappy game. The game blew, don't make a sequel. XII, X, VII, VI, IV deserved sequels. Enough SquareEnix. Focus on a 2D Final Fantasy XV. That would be pimp. ALso XIV was worse than XIII. Enough SquareEnix.

Kon2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

What is lost is lost forever. I won't play this after the FFXIII fiasco.

The_Great_D2925d ago

win fans back???? are you kidding me? not with it being on 360 also! that game is getting boycotted just like the ff13 did. keep bending over to microsoft and see if ANY sony gamer is gonna give a damn about you. cuz i sure as heck dont.

wazzim2925d ago

FFXIII boycotted? It was the fastest selling FF ever, come on, stop closing your eyes for reality.

The_Great_D2925d ago

clearly you never heard of the ps exclusive FINAL FANTASY 7. yeah 13 sold fast but so what, it sold like 2 million. ff7 sold 10 million. get ur facts straight.

wazzim2925d ago

I said FASTEST, which is a fact, you began talking about lifetime numbers just now.
I think FFXIII is around 5million now, not FF7 lifetime numbers but that got re-releases and all.

Quietpower102925d ago


"clearly you never heard of the ps exclusive FINAL FANTASY 7. yeah 13 sold fast but so what, it sold like 2 million. ff7 sold 10 million. get ur facts straight."

Final Fantasy VII has been released in stores for 13 YEARS. Clearly that game would sell millions after a dozen years of its release. As for Final Fantasy XIII, that game sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide! And you know waht else? That game isn't even a year old yet!
So how about you get your facts straight next time.\

Oh by the way, Final Fantasy VII isn't a Playstation exclusive. If you've done some simple research, taht game is also on the PC as well.

wazzim2925d ago

Not to mention that version was HD ;P the cutscenes were still in a crappy resolution though.

rockleex2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Yea, and what about the FF's before 7?

They had WAY more time on the market, yet none of them achieved 10 million.

Face it, no one bought 13 after the first two weeks because of word of mouth.

All my friends were going to buy 13... but after a few days of watching me play 13 they simply chose to pass on it.

I would have passed on it too if I had known better.

TruthBTold2925d ago

You are one dumb consumer. Who cares how many copies were sold. Your one copy was crap. As a video game consumer all I care about is a game worth my money, that's what all of us here should care about, that single copy each of us will purchase. FFXIII was one of the worst games I have ever played. There was absolutely nothing about it that captured my attention long enough to want to continue playing the game. Considering consumer reviews many are on the same page as me. There hasn't been anything to look forward to from SE on home consoles since the PS2. Its sad that a company that puts out crappy products is able to sell so much based on the name they use for the game. Had this game been named under a new name not being part of the FF franchise it would have done 100 times worse in sales and scores. At least they have consumers like you that will continue to buy their products regardless. I don't have any faith in them and don't expect much from VS.

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femshep2925d ago

final fantasy 7 wasnt the best final fantasy tho
yeah it had a great char devlopment but people now only like the game cause "cloud is in it *bats eyelashes*" its a joke and a scapegoat for if they neeed money

and why are we arguing about sales.....sales only mean something in corporations but they mean nothing in terms of quality the call of duty games have terrible quality and are the same game but tons of people still buy it....and same goes with gears of war and god of war terrible quality with the potential to be good if devs and publishers egos didn't get big when they heard the hype they sell a lot but quality of the game sucked games are about entertainment and escaping not sales numbers and price drops