Gamespot:Mass Effect 2 Playstation 3 Video Review (PlayStation 3)

GS:This rich, action-packed space adventure is immensely entertaining on its new platform, though the transition isn't wholly smooth.

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ubiquitious2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Lesser visuals, and a little bit more content for the price of a new game? No wonder.

Your best bet is to buy an Xbox 360. You'll get to play the better version and you can play with your friends.


Serjikal_Strike2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

theres only 1 part in the game where he said the visuals were lacking...and it was 1 of the DLC levels..
ps3 version is identical to 360 version...
so calm down kid


for a couple graphical glitches in the DLC dont spend £40 on the game noooo no no no

by ubiquitious's logic spend £200 on a 360,£30 on me2 on multiple discs and that way your better off?

where have the smart fanboys disappeared to? seriously

MGRogue20172831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

woah woah woah... ps3 version is identical to 360 version?
No, That is a lie.

@ below, Indeed.. but it is a shame that the PS3 version also has some terrible anti-aliasing issues.. which is shown in that pic. As well as frame rate issues.

Edit 2: I'm not talking about the pic though, See this video here:

Notice X360 version is at 30fps all the time?

jammydude2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Yes that is a lie, the PS3 version has better shadowing, texturing, blood effects and lighting in some places

are you serious? Look at both pics again. The aliasing is identical, the 360 screens poor shadowing is covering part of the jagged surface is all xD Either your blind or you're grasping at straws, the 360 version has frame rate issues too btw.

[email protected] above
"but it is a shame that the PS3 version also has some terrible anti-aliasing issues.. which is shown in that pic"

"I'm not talking about the pic though"

Notice how I never said it didn't have frame rate issues, only that the 360 version has frame rate issues too. Read up on it in the face-off
they're both far from perfect performance wise.

NYC_Gamer2831d ago

the best bet is to enjoy this game on any of its 3 platforms

Highlife2831d ago

well said. But I don't think anyone can get through to people on this site.

mushroomwig2831d ago

Actually most of my friends own a PS3.

Ju2831d ago

Yeah, like it makes any difference for a single player game.

Kon2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

LoL @jammydude comment. Genius, the Xbox pic was taken before the mec shoot the girl, that is why there is no blood.

jammydude2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Guess you missed the bit where I said "better" blood effects, not that they were non-existant in the 360 version, "genius"
In fact you're such a "genius" you replied to the wrong comment....

Christopher2831d ago

I get pointing out the DLC issues... but in a comparison of this to the 360, you gotta realize that it's in addition to what you got, not in place of. So, while it may have some very minor graphical glitches on one of the DLC and Kasumi isn't in from the start (on any platform), I see no reason to score it as low as they did in comparison.

Yes, it was a different reviewer, but that reviewer represents GameSpot and his score should be reflective of what others have scored other games, IMHO.

Anyway, I'm just glad that BioWare is working to get their games out to as many people as possible and hope this is a step in the right direction to seeing some stronger WRPG games on all platforms.

Mystickay862831d ago

X-bot, your programming stinks. That is all.

showtimefolks2830d ago

since i bought ME1-2 on xbox360 in November 2010. great great games every must play ME seres is a must play by itself

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Hitman07692831d ago

Can't wait to give this game a shot!

MGRogue20172831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

It's been quite a long time.. but It's great that PS3 users can finally play this gem of a title..

Kon2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Best Armor = Blood Dragon
Best Weapon = Geth Pulse Rifle
Best Heavy Weapon = Collector Particle Bean/Arc Projector
Best Companion = Archangel

Christopher2831d ago

I've found the Collector to be greater than Blood Dragon most of the time that I've played. But, some of the other armor pieces you buy during gameplay tend to be even better, especially if it increases my ammo capacity with heavy weapons. I become heavily reliant on heavy weapons on harder difficulties.

And, Kasumi is tied with Archangel for best companion for me. I tend to take two of Archangel, Kasumi, or Samara. Samara's loyalty ability is great against all enemies and she also has the better bio ability lineup along with assault rifle proficiency.

KaiokenKid2831d ago

Graphics seem to be the same overal, with that overlord DLC being teh only thing that sounds like theres noticeable difference. All in all a great port.

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