Mass Effect's Interactive Comic walkthrough

Digital Foundry @ Choose your own adventure video by video.

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shinrock2834d ago

so you get to make only 6 choices to make. dman thats alot of goodness missing.

mintaro2834d ago


A 15 minute comic snippet, cant replace the entirety of Mass Effect.

Christopher2834d ago

I don't think anyone expects it to. But, on the other hand, it's better than not getting ME2 and ME3 on the PS3.

I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, personally.

ElementX2834d ago

EA is the only reason ME2 is on PS3. I have my copy, but I'm playing LBP2 first. Personally, I'd rather have the entire trilogy on PS3, if not, I could've always played it on my 360. Either way, I bought ME2 for both platforms.

ct032834d ago

It's funny how you can pick Wrex' fate in this video so easily.

In my first playthrough there was no way for me to save him because of what happened (or didn't happen) earlier in the game.

awi59512834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

yeah tiny choices i made in the first game came back to bite me in the ass in the second one. But i love punching out that reporter twice she remembered me knocking her out so i did it again lol. And if shes in the 3rd game im gonna knock her out again lol.

Man i hope i get rex back in the 3rd game grunt was cool too maybe i can have a squad of dual Krogens. And since Rex is one of the last Krogan battle masters he has some biotics as well since my shepard is a pure boitic. And for you guys that play soldier stop! That's boring as crap lol.

Kon2834d ago

Walkthrough for a comic... A comic with only 6choices... Laziness much?

IlluminatusV2834d ago

There is so much missing in the comic:
- No Geth explanation
- Why Cerberus is evil
- The whole Turian quest where you had to decide to rescue or kill the people there
I really recommend to play ME1 on PC or 360

Kon2834d ago

There is so much missing... People who are really interested in the story needs to play the first one. If not, you will be playing the second with many holes in the story.

awi59512834d ago

Yeah like how i blasted the guy who tried to blackmail me i still dont know what happens in ME1 if you let him live lol.

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