GoW is Better than GoW

Two of videogaming’s biggest powerhouses, the Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War and PlayStation exclusive God of War, continue to redefine their respective genres with every successive release. But as the years progress and their innovations become more fractured, ‘borrowed’ or reworked by numerous other videogame releases, can they really be considered the defining franchises of their respective systems?

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trounbyfire4876d ago

gears is GeOW
god of war is GOW

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LunaticBrandon4876d ago

Gears is Gears not GeOW. What the fuck is GeOW?

StoneyYoshi4876d ago

GeOW is that little green hatchback that runs on 3 cylinders.

Megaton4876d ago

Gears is Gears.
God of War is GoW.

darthv724876d ago

Gears = Gears of war. Gears 1, Gears 2, Gears 3

GoW = god of war. GoW1, GoW2, GoW3.

Is it really that hard to comprehend?

ShinMaster4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

GOW has the story and gameplay.
Gears has the cover gameplay ...which was already bested by Uncharted anyways.

Oh well :)

Shepherd 2144875d ago

Wanna play that game?

Ninja Gaiden bested God of War's hack n' slash gameplay years ago.

Oh well =).

ShinMaster4869d ago

NG and GOW play very differently.

GOW actually makes it fun to hack and slash without being blindsided all the time like in NG.

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FinalSpartan4876d ago


God Of War Vs God Of War?

both two different and great games for different platforms.

Gears Of War = Epic
God Of War = Epic

zeddy4876d ago

both games usually set the standard for graphics and since god of war 3 is the best looking game on consoles and possibly the pc gears 3 has got some work to do.

AWBrawler4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Umm no sir. PC has plenty of games that beat GOW graphics, and its not even the best looking console game, not with Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots on the same system. why do so many PS3 owners forget about that one?
You guys got the single greatest game this gen, and don't even give it the respect it deserves.. that's just sad.

Laeto2564876d ago

no lol, uncharted 2 beat mgs4, GoW 3 beat all of those

AWBrawler4876d ago

uncharted looks good too, I'll give you that, but God of war is not on par with MGS4 graphics. It still looks cartoonish in some areas. look at the blood, and look at kratos. He doesn't look nearly as real as Nathan Drake or Solid Snake

Perkel4876d ago

@ AW Brawler

MGS4 look good but after uncharted gow 3 and killzone is outdated:


ExplosionSauce4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

But this battle always looks great to me

N311V4875d ago

GOWIII is the current king of the graphics castle. I agree with most people here, Uncharted knocked off MGS4 which was superseded by GOWIII.

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IHateYouFanboys4876d ago

@trounbyfire: "gears is GeOW
god of war is GOW"

epic lolz.

Gears of War can be called "gears", "GOW", "GeOW", or even "that game with the chainsaw guns" if you want - there is no right and wrong for nicknames/abbreviations for the names of games lol.

the fact that PS3 fanboys get so upset about someone calling Gears of War "GOW" says all that needs to be said about their intelligence.

Bebedora4876d ago

I cant say how I am in the scale of intelligence, but having the same nickname for two different games is confusing. On the borderline of being stupid.

fullmetal2974876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

I dunno. Try google searching "GoW" and see the results. And also this

Aloren4876d ago

Yeah, but that would be a logical and smart thing to do, not very popular here, it's just so much better to have endless and pointless debate for things as stupid as the "legitimacy to claim an acronym"

StoneyYoshi4876d ago

everyone saying google GoW and see what the results are. you all do know google gives you the most searched sites out of what your keyword is. so trying to figure out wich game deseres GoW is completely illogical in that way. IMO i think it should go to the game that was called my it first. i dunno maybe it should go to the game that has been around years before Gears was ever a thought in someones head.

Aloren4876d ago

which game "deserves" gow ? It's just a shorter way to say it for god's sake, why do you care that some people use it for Gears of war and some others for god of war ? And why is it that the fact that millions of people use gow for both games is illogical while your opinion is ?

And no offense but god of war was released only one year before gears of war... Actually, when gears of war was revealed at E3 2005, God of war wasn't even released in Japan and Europe. So it hasn't "been around years before gears was ever a thought in someone's head".

socomnick4876d ago

God of war has been non exitant this gen, it came it went and nobody cared.

Gears of war is now GOW it earned the acronym.

goflyakite4876d ago

How can God of War be better than God of War?

Kurt Russell4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Gears of War over God of War - Not into hack and slashes one bit. Both phenomenal looking games however. And Google suggests GoW is more recognised for Gears than God, that's going to put the wind up a few nerds sails... Personally I just call it Gears.

Forbidden_Darkness4875d ago

If you want that to stand, you should go through every single page on google and make a checklist for god of war and gears of war, because looking at the first page or a couple pages proves nothing...