Metal Gear Solid 5: Ten Things We Want To See

GB:"All of Hideo Kojima fans know that he is on to something big and we are all excited to hear what the next ‘Hideo Kojima Game’ will be. He has mentioned several times that he currently has two ideas, Metal Gear Solid 5 or a totally new project."

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Darkfiber2829d ago

I don't want to see an MGS5 at all. Snake's story has ended and it ended with a bang. There is no reason to bring it back. I would like to see either a new IP, or a story about new characters within the Metal Gear universe.

gameseveryday2829d ago

Yep you do make a point.Snake's story has ended with MGS4. But that does not mean that Kojima cant go in to past and make games.All the games based on Big Boss told us a different story and I still think that Snake has a role somewhere.

I think remakes of the classic metal gears would be an icing on the cake.

rockleex2829d ago

I think a PS3 Peace Walker remake would be AWESOME.

But I'd like to see them work on some other IPs before returning to MGS.

DoomeDx2829d ago

Wtf what a stupid list?
They want Solid Snake, but also a fight with Big Boss?
How is that possible? Big Boss is dead, and also, Big boss = solid snake (Kind of. if you played MGS3 you know what i mean)

They want solid snake, but also an acrobatic character? Snake is a belivible character..not some circus-artist.

They want MGS5 to be a Metal Gear 1 or Metal Gear 2 remake? But also want a Big Boss fight?

Not possible, because you play as big boss in MG1 and 2.

Stupid list. Seriously

ThanatosDMC2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Big Boss =/= Solid Snake

You would know if you played MGS4.

Yeah, Solid Snake as an acrobat is just silly.

MG1 and MG2 were still both Solid Snake. The first time ever you play as Naked Snake (Big Boss) was in MGS3.

Solid Snake's story ended but there's so much that they can make with Big Boss vs Zero.

2829d ago
Man In Black2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Despite my personal opinions regarding how stuff was wrapped up in MGS4, I'd prefer that Kojima set his next game (after Rising, if he does one) a few decades after the current storyline. Maybe reference the old characters, but keep it mainly new. They need to stop retconning the current story.

I have complete faith that they can keep the gameplay fresh, seeing as how pretty much every Metal Gear game in the main canon has each felt individually awesome to play.

Megaton2829d ago

Ditto. Leave it as it is. MGS4 was a fantastic ending.

Putting that aside, this is a terrible list. Petty grievances or ridiculous ideas most commonly associated with newcomers to the series. The only one I'd agree with is a prequel starring Gray Fox, and even then, I'd prefer a prequel be used for The Boss more than Jaeger.

Man In Black2829d ago

That reminds me, they fucked up completely with Portable Ops, retconning the hell out of Gray Fox.

Megaton2829d ago

Passed on Portable Ops myself, but I heard they rewrote Jaeger's past. Some Big Boss retcon as well, if I'm not mistaken. Something about the funding of Outer Haven.

Man In Black2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

He supposedly got the funding for it from the villain of PO (Gene), but in PW, he's basically got a little hut and a few soldiers at the start.
This basically explains how badly they fucked up Jaeger's history in PO. It's a shit game anyway, horrible controls, and dull environments, along with a lack of voice acting except in the graphic novel cutscenes. Peace Walker is much better, IMO.

In regards to the article, lower the difficulty? What are you, a fucking baby? PW was piss easy except for the boss fights. Enemy AI was almost as dumb as in MGS1, maybe even dumber.

Snake's story is finished. No need to needlessly drag it out. Perhaps they could remake the original 2D games, but no direct sequel to MGS4 with Snake as the protagonist. I do agree, though, that if they did remake the original game, it'd be cool to play as Gray Fox for a brief section at the start, like the Tanker chapter in MGS2, which helps lead to Snake's infiltration.

But no comic-style cutscenes. They're good for the Portable games, but I felt a little pissed that for PW, most of the game has comic style cutscenes, with the few real-time cutscenes having no voice acting apart from Miller speaking over the radio, and then in the final chapter, they weirdly change to real time cutscenes with proper lip-syncing and such. Wish the whole game was like that.

Megaton2829d ago

I played a little bit of Peace Walker while standing in line at a Kojima signing during his Peace Walker tour last June. I did like what little I played. If I still had a PSP I probably would have gotten it.

But yeah, I heard Portable Ops was just terrible all around.

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the_best_player2829d ago

@Metal Gear Solid 5: Ten Things We Want To See

PS3 Only

FinalSpartan2829d ago

Who ever wrote this must be very bad at games, emphasing that MGS PW was too hard? I can't remember it being overly hard? Normal was normal like all other MGS games.

Mainman2829d ago

No, dont bring back comic style cut-scene's please.

Difficulty = a good thing.

Co-op dependancy, I dont mind if it is on PS3 (on PSP its a little annoying tho).

Make the main lead acrobatic. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this though. More climbing stuff would be great, but would it fit Snake as a character though?.

DeadlyFire2828d ago

MGS 5 will exist. Yes its true. Will it be all about Snake? No clue. Time will tell. Its likely at least 2 years away from a release window.

As for this list.
#10 - Not bad suggestion.
#09 - Your a dumbass if you think it being difficult to be stealthy in a stealth game is gonna change. You have to grow up and learn to play a game with a challenge. I hope Peace Walker gameplay branches into the next game.
#08 - I could care less.
#07 - Plot is very straight forward if you pay any attention to the game series. Someone just wants a flip book comic story. That will never exist.
#06 - Lead character acrobatic? Someone stares a little to hard into Raiden's eyes if you ask me.
#05 - Snake comeback? Possible. Liquid came back.
#04 - MGS 5 to be based on MG1 and 2? I kinda like the idea, but a solid framework for such a thing would have to exist. As we all know the old games back then didn't last hours like they do now with stories. Maybe they can be remade into like two small episodes that you can buy and play on PSN or something at some point if they decide to ever reimagine/rebirth them.
#03 - Snake vs. Big Boss? Possible.
#02 - Good idea. Actually there is a phase of his life that crosses Big Boss alot. So it would be nice for a little backstory on him.
#01 - No.

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cyborg2829d ago

must move on to new things and leave MGS as it is but maybe that's just me.

jaidek2829d ago

I would love to see a new Zone of the Enders.

Overmind4202829d ago

It doesn't need a decreased difficulty level, the game was fine the last go-around. Why do casual gamers insist on dumbing down the gaming experience?

ThanatosDMC2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Peace Walker was easy. Last boss fight you need battle outfit, two rocket launchers, machine gun, chaff, and supply drop and everything else for ration, curry, and chips. Peace Walker was was easy.

The optional unlockable version 2 bosses were hard since before you can finish them off you run out of supply drops. It's meant for multiplayer.

George Sears2829d ago

Not really. Once you lvl up your weapons your ok. I S all of them just to get the good weapons like the bandana and the likes.

ThanatosDMC2829d ago

Yeah, but that actually means taking too much time to lv up the weapons. I did things in one go solo.

Seniorscrapper2829d ago

I Think MGS5 is going to be on the Xbox 360...I pity the ps3 fanboys :D

SKUD2829d ago

Good first try. Next time with more feeling.

The_Great_D2829d ago

i pity your face you fat bastard. go jerk off to the xbox symbol you xbot. i hope it doesnt red ring of doom on you before you reach climax.

InTheLab2829d ago

That's possible if they were to foolishly take advice from Gamingbolt and go with comic style cutscenes that are no longer than 30 seconds and half the sound track....unless you want to deal with 5 discs.

While MGS3 and MGS4 are exclusives, the others were on the Gamecube or Xbox. People always forget about this...

chadley2829d ago

A Metal Gear remake would be awesome. For alot of fans, you have to play through the original two games to completely understand some of the story of the MGS series, and most just are not fans of the NES-era and just want new experiences. Although this ISN'T me, many people would appreciate a fresh reminder of what's happening. This would be awesome.

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