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NowGamer: Some see it as a huge coup for PS3, some see it as an inevitability what with the series selling millions around the world, while some see it as a betrayal of the format that initially made it successful. Us? We don’t much care for the background – we’re too busy exploring the galaxy with our female Shepard (who looks like “He-Man on a hen night”, apparently), soaking in one of the best games not just of this generation, but of any. Mass Effect 2 has arrived on Sony’s console, and that’s all anybody needs to know...

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TimmyShire2925d ago

Was there any doubt at scores like this? GOTY last year, GOTY this year.

LORD-PHOENIX2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

uncharted 3
last guardian
la noir
infamous 2
gears 3

i think you should rethink your comment then lightly slap yourself not to cause damage but to remind you to not be so silly

TimmyShire2925d ago

Ha, fair point!

Consider myself duly reprimanded.

Feckles2925d ago

With all the DLC included on the Blu-ray this has to be the definitive version. Looking forward to playing this again, but with the DLC 'in the game', rather than after the main quest has been completed as it were.