Not All Moms Hate Dead Space 2

Hell Descent: After EA’s hilarious “Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2” ad campaign, many fans started to record their own mom’s reactions to scenes from the horror title. It seems not all mothers hate the game, in fact, Dino Ignacio’s mother seems to love it. Her reaction can only be described as disturbing and awesome. See? Dead Space 2 is a family affair. Hit the jump for the video.

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Darkfiber2883d ago

I don't think my mom would care either way.

Focker4202882d ago

At first I thought she said "His head got served"

I almost died laughing

tunaks12883d ago

The way ea is marketing DS2 is unnecessary, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth, way to similar to the fake Dantes Inferno protesters.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2882d ago

Yea. The protester thing was really insulting. This ad campaign is just plain stupid though.

"Hey everyone we're gonna go ask a demographic what they think about a product thats not aimed at them XD!!! They obviously wont like but thats all the more reason why you should because listening to your mom is lame. EA is not responsible for mothers accidentally walking in on you playing this game and screaming, fainting, grounding you, taking said game away and/or selling it on ebay or other auction websites."

N311V2883d ago

Well I have to disagree with you. I found this amusing and had a good laugh. It's something I want to show other people which is the whole point.

xino2882d ago

the guy is rich man:)

"mother farker lost his head", "lo la lo", "hahahaha"

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

TABSF2882d ago

I hate how games get the bad press

I hate when parents don't want kids playing games that are for adults only but let their kids play them and then blame the publishers.

I also hate the law in (Australia, Germany and others) that says after a human character model is "dead" the body is inactive and they also banned gore.

I was playing games like GTA, Turok, Carmageddon and Dino Crisis before I was 12 year of age but I did not turn into a depressed maniac freak (well not yet... hahahaha jk).

Grow a pair and be proper parents, plus why rely on the government to do your job, what a joke.

DuneBuggy2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

The problem is alot of parents are ignorant of video games and blindly pick up whatever title little Johnny asks for. Cant blaim them in a way.I mean Toys R Us for example wont sell R rated DVDs but, you can buy video games with violence,language, and nudity in them (RDR for example has it all).
I do feel its wrong that certain countries like Australia/Germany gimp or outright ban games.If your an adult, you should be able to buy/play it.
I picked up Dead Rising 2 a few weeks ago and I like that the clerk gave me a little "speech" that it was a mature title...etc. Had my young daughter with me.Once I informed her I was aware and its a game for "me", the clerk was satisfied.
I also dont play Left 4 Dead or any of my mature games untill shes in bed.

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The story is too old to be commented.