New Operation Flashpoint: Red River Screenshots Revealed

The team behind Codemasters’ forthcoming third Operation Flashpoint title are obviously very keen to share their work with the gaming community, and are proud to be on the development team for such a high profile title. Though clearly stating that the images are not official screenshots, key members of the development team have revealed some new images that showcase some of the stunning red sky effects in Operation Flashpoint: Red River through their Twitter accounts.

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MariaHelFutura2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Hopefully they work out some of the problems of the first it had potential.

jaidek2828d ago

I agree, the first one had some really broken ass mechanics.

Cerberus21252828d ago

I'm up in the air about this one,just like the Developers left us with the first one,we need a great Military sim.

MGRogue20172828d ago

Definately buying this one.. as soon as it's released.


When it comes to shooters these devs dont have a clue. Codemasters.....stick to working on Dirt 3 please. Operation Flashpoint was once a great game but Dragon Rising wouldnt do much to inspire confidence in these Devs.

Especially Simon Lenton or whatever his name is, biggest bullshitter this side of military FPS.

Oh and it doesnt have multiplayer.

TLG19912828d ago

ok then you you just stick to your arcade easy FPSs like cod have fun over there with all the children.

oh and i think you will find it does have multiplayer!


I love how i get stereotyped as a CoD gamer when I Loathe the series, It brought about selling dumbed down gaming for the masses. Im the most anti COD player on this website :)

and how in any way was operation flashpoint hard? when all the bots stood still in multiplayer so you could easily shoot them? It was a rediculously easy game.

For the record I play shooters like Unreal, Quake, BF2. Arcadey? Yeah but with a great skill element. Realistic shooters just fail horribly except for Arma and thats a fact.

It has Co-op but not multiplayer.

TheGameFoxJTV2828d ago

Mark, if you don't have ARMA2. Stop complaining. You don't have the right to discuss military sims.


I have Arma 2. And your in no position to issue and take away rights, So calm your self manifested ego.

damnyouretall2828d ago

if this one is an improvment over the last, it should be a solid game. i think its coop only multiplayer, not sure. yeah what ever happened to arma 2 coming to consoles?

ASSASSYN 36o2828d ago

I rather play Arma 2 than anything made from codemasters. Bohemia has their shit together after leaving codemasters.