Call Of Duty: Black Ops- First Strike Preview (RunDLC)

After achieving great success with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map packs, Activision hopes to make even more cash with Black Ops. The first piece of DLC, First Strike, will make its Xbox Live debut February 1 for 1200 Microsoft Points/$15, allowing gamers to frag enemies across five new maps.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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cdub4142923d ago

All they want is morey more, they should use some of it to fix the games on going problems.
More money, More problems.

sak5002923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Yayyyyy .../s

How bout fixing the game first and providing free maps like EA did for BF:BC2? They have the audacity to ask for more money for this broken game

Edit: @cdub I was writing it as first comment and after posting saw ur similar post secs before mine lol

jdktech20102923d ago

As someone who played about 35 hours of COD and then traded's amazing how good of games BC2 and Reach are imo now that I don't play COD and feel like I need to play it.

BC2 is an EXCELLENT shooter because it's more tactical and team oriented than COD could ever hope to be.

kingjoker342923d ago

i agree with you but Dice only made 2 new maps for free, they just recycled old maps for new modes. even though i love BFBC they did recycle maps. vietnam introduced new maps but at i think 14.99 price I believe.

Kon2923d ago

I wont buy this unless they drop the price. Better idea: Give the maps for free. The online is broken, and they want us to pay for more maps?

Scenarist2923d ago

whoever buys this is a "fool" ...i hope the sales are so small that ....that....that... idk .. but i just hope NO one buys it ...

too bad we are out numbered by fools