Deus Ex: Human Revolution won’t have dynamic difficulty of any kind

Last year, games site, reported that Eidos Marketing and Communications Director Matt Birch said Deux Ex: Human Revolution would have dynamic difficulty that would scale “based on how much experience points you have, and how you level up within the game.” Apparently not.

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Hellsvacancy2828d ago

Hard it is then, im well excited about DE3, its my second most WANTED game this gen of gamin, the number 1 spot goes to Hitman V

visualb2828d ago

realistic for me (if there is any)

love it =)

Nineball21122828d ago

Yeah, I'm really hoping this turns out as good as I expect it to. I really liked the first Deus Ex.

Convas2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Absolutely CANNOT wait for this game. If everything goes according to plan, Human Revolution will indeed be the TRUE successor to DE1. Here's hoping!

DelbertGrady2828d ago

I like this choice. Can't stand the auto-levelling enemies in games like Oblivion and Fallout.

showtimefolks2828d ago

now only if we can get a release date for summer 2011.


I agree with you on auto leveling enemies that system sucks you never truly get the feeling you upgraded your stats because your enemies become just as tough

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