MotoHeroz Trailer Unleashed (RunDLC)

If you have a Wii, keep an eye out for MotoHeroz. Designed by RedLynx, the talented developers that created Trials HD on Xbox Live, this over the top and gorgeous game is equal parts racer and platformer, as you compete against opponents while navigating across different types of terrain. You'll have online leaderboards, over 100 levels and some sweet physics that make this one of the most anticipated downloadable titles of the year.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Orionsangel2829d ago

Pretty interesting concept. A racer mixed with a plaformer.

Bathyj2829d ago

Should be a XBL or PSN game as well.

I've only just discovered Trails, and although it can be frustrating as, its lots of fun too.

I love physic's based gameplay. I treated it as a racer at first but then quickly realised that wasn't the point, you need to look at in like a platformer on a bike, much like Joe Danger.

If this doesnt come to Xbox or PS3 I'll have to hope someone will make it on LBP2. ;)

pantsula2828d ago

So looking forward to this. After Trials HD it can only be awesome.