WWII games: Where is the Holocaust?

Critical Gamer writes: There have been so many videogames set during the second world war, it’s quite likely that you’ve played at least one or two. Thanks to the painstaking attention to detail and hunger for historical accuracy, you may even have learned something new about the conflict without realising; the weapons used, the important battles fought, the dates of important events. Be thankful that our children do not rely solely on videogames for their education on such matters for if they did, they would be completely unaware of the Holocaust.

Approximately six million men, women and children were murdered – often literally worked to death – simply because they were Jewish. Millions more were persecuted and killed by the Nazis including (though not limited to) homosexuals, Romani, people of various faiths, and the disabled. A horrific systematic slaughter on an unimaginable scale, it was arguably the most important event of the twentieth century in terms of influence on social and political development. The word ‘genocide’ was not even in use until 1944 (though its author first coined the word in 1943), when the Polish-Jewish legal scholar Raphael Lemkin named and defined it (“the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group”) in his published work ‘Axis Rule in Occupied Europe’. The human race being what it is, genocide has been perpetrated time and again in places such as Bosnia and Darfur; but the horror of the Holocaust has served to increase worldwide disgust at, and determination to punish and prevent, such actions further than ever.

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Jim Crikey2925d ago

So many WWII games, and yet no mention of the horror which secures its place in the public consciousness.

darthv722924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

as it would relate to a war game, that is a point of civilian persecution and not actually something to make a point of in the game itself.

The games are about sides and shooting each other. The holocaust does not fit into that type of game mechanic. Unless there was a game specifically from the holocaust perspective where the player is trying to free himself and others. It would still be a non military type of campaign.

The current wwii games arent so fixated on the historical accuracy as much as they are on the shooting and campaign of the main characters. Considering the nature of the holocaust, it would not make much for a deep eventful game as it took place in a fixed location and there was no real events of public uprising to change the situation.

Resistance took place but not on the scale that would amount to a dedicated game. It's bad enough people capitalize on some of humanities darker times. This is one we all know about and dont really need to be reminded of while playing a game.

Cubes2925d ago

It's quite sad that interactive entertainment is riding on the coat tails of such a horrible time in human history.

scruffy_bear2925d ago

I wonder if many of the people that play WWII FPS realise what the Nazis did.

Nice to see article that isn't about the PS3 being hacked :)

AstroZombie12925d ago

I think it would be quite obvious why the holocaust has been avoided it was a terrible even in the history of the human race why would anyone want to play a game about that.

scruffy_bear2924d ago

He not on about playing a Holocaust game but ask's why dev igrone it in WW2 games