D+PAD Magazine: HKS Racing Controller Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Peripheral manufacturer Thrustmaster recently unveiled its official force-feedback steering wheel for Gran Turismo 5 – the Thrustmaster RS T500 and, boy, is it a thing of beauty – constructed out of gleaming metal and coming complete gear shift paddles and a footplate with a full set of pedals, it is a racers dream… However, there are couple of flies in the bespoke-ointment – most significant is the prohibitively high asking price of £450 – for most gamers it is unlikely to break out of ‘dream’ status and come crashing into their living rooms. The second problem is that, in an era of plastic guitars and room-clearing motion-controllers, physical space is a very real issue for a lot of gamers. It is here that Eagl3’s HKS Racing Controller comes revving into view.

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SactoGamer2830d ago

Wow that thing is hidious.

moe842830d ago

Yeah, but for the price as long as it works you really can't go wrong.

I'll stick with wheel controllers myself, but I can see the benefits from having a controller like this.... as well as the drawbacks. Wired ewww.

Kon2830d ago

What is wrong with this ugly-looking controller?

Bathyj2830d ago

I think it looks great.
Way to think outside the box (Ugh, I hate people who say that.)

Never the less, a controller specifically for racing games is a good idea, even though it will never replace a good wheel.

Having said that, no wireless and no rumble means they might as well scrape the whole idea, no one will buy this.

ElementX2830d ago

Ha, "Thrustmaster"..

Hey baby, they call me the Thrustmaster, care to dance?

level 3602830d ago

It is quite interesting, would very much like to try this one out.

A brighter colour scheme will definitely suit this pad, just so you can clearly see control lay-out.

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