PlayStation 3 iPlayer views increase

Connected Consoles: "The BBC have revealed that the BBC iPlayer has gone from strength to strength over the Christmas period with the PlayStation 3 raking in more hits to the service than ever."

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mjolliffe2833d ago

Always going to happen. It's a great app to have on your console.

RSPproductionz2833d ago

there is an itv player too as well as 4OD player. in ireland we have the RTE player aswell

Snake-eater2833d ago

addition of ITV player, MUBI and 4OD will draw more viewers

Corrwin2833d ago

Maybe not ITV... have you seen the line-up? Suicide is a more entertaining choice.

acky12833d ago

good news for sony too
Sony 'til I die

plb2833d ago

Bring it to the US BBC and you'll have more.

Galvanise_2833d ago

Are you paying for it? Because everyone in the UK pays a TV licence fee to fund the BBC.

Godmars2902833d ago

I'll pay - but only if the money goes into dentistry.



Corrwin2833d ago

Now if only the BBC could spend some of our Licence money on :

a) More servers, there's no way a 16meg line should freeze the way ours do from time to time, and

b) Shows we actually want to watch. Just because it's popular on TV, does not mean the iPlayer has the same audience. EastEnders is popular on TV, online it isn't.

thor2833d ago

What? iPlayer has all the TV programmes that have been on TV, so they don't leave out anything. If you want more quality dramas etc. then fine, but there's only so much they can do. Also EastEnders not popular online? It sure is in my house. What if people miss an episode?

Corrwin2833d ago

Your house is neither online, nor representative of Great Britain.

iPlayer does not host all content, what about American and other world shows licensed to play on the BBC, why aren't we allowed to watch them on the iPlayer?

Why does content have an expiration date? Surely as license payers we should be allowed to watch online content whenever we want.

You seem to concentrate on what the majority of TV viewers concentrate - "when can I get my Eastenders", and not "why hasn't the quality of TV improved as much as the licence fee has grown?"

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