Mass Effect 2: HD Screenshots From Final PS3 Version

Some "direct feed" screenshots of the final PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 have been released.

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mightyboot2829d ago

direct feed screenshots that´s funny

distorted_reality2829d ago

What's with Thane's glasses?


The spot on his forehead looks way darker as well.....

Blacktric2829d ago

That's "Alternate Appearance Pack" that changes the costumes of Thane, Garrus and Jack. It won't be on the BluRay disc but will be available on the PSN Store for 2 dollars (its also available on XBL Marketplace and Bioware Store for 160 points).

distorted_reality2828d ago

Ah, forgot about that. Am happy I didn't bother getting it, those glasses look like they've been photoshopped in.

Blacktric2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Agreed. Both standard and "loyalty" costumes for those three looks good anyway. Spending two dollars on something like that is just unnecessary in my opinion. I'd rather buy one of the two equipment packs (Aeigs and Firepower packs) that adds new armors, weapons and helmets/visors to the game instead of a useless skin pack that costs the same.

divideby02829d ago

I just wanna know if the game chugs on the PS3 like it did on my 360, when the screen is full..especially toward the end.. at times it was nasty low fps...

ME19892829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Really? ME2 is well known for keeping a stable framerate throughout the game.

Actually, I don't remember it dropping in fps literally at all on my 360...extremely stable game.

Vaud-Villian2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Mass Effect chugged in a few spots but 2 didnt at all. Even digital foundry confirmed the locked 30 FPS, so nice lie.

TheIneffableBob2829d ago

Sometimes games perform differently on different consoles. Halo Reach chugged a bit during the single-player campaign for me while for others it was fine.

mrcash2829d ago

My 360 version didnt chug maybe your 360 has some issues.

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mattygamefreak2829d ago

This website is a joke. Even the demo looks better than that. How much do they tamper with these screenshots? What a joke.

clearelite2829d ago

I wouldn't trust any screenshots on the internet. I'm pretty sure the demo looked better than that. Play the game on a nice TV and see it for yourself in motion.

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