Rift "Battle of the Ascended" Beta Kicks Off January 25th

Trion have today announced that the fifth closed beta event for MMORPG title “Rift” will kick off on the 25th of January.

Entitled “Battle of the Ascended”, this beta will include a raised level cap (up to 30), access to the Scarlet Gorge Zone and the opening of the Foul Cascade dungeon.

In Rift statistical news, players in last weekend’s “Warfronts” beta logged over one million hours of total playtime during the three day event. The Black Garden and Codex PvP warfronts, which debuted then, will also be available to play during the next event.

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Darkfiber2925d ago

Even though this isn't the greatest game, they are doing a good job with the betas. Rolling out a new and different beta almost every week, that's the way to do it.