Dungeons Preview (Hooked Gamers)

The majority of people who have heard of Dungeons are likely to be old-school Bullfrog fans, and even they have probably forgotten about the game since its initial press release. For those of you who weren’t around PC gaming in the 90s, Bullfrog was an incredibly innovative developer founded by Peter Molyneux (of Fable fame), with a string of imaginative successful games to its name. One of the most loved was Dungeon Keeper, a simulation game where you play as an evil overlord and plan a dungeon full of traps to repel any good heroes who seek your downfall.

Dungeon Keeper had a sequel in 1999, but the series has not been seen or heard from since (apart from an Asia-only MMO). Here’s where Kalypso’s Dungeons comes in: a spiritual sequel in the same style attempting to fill the void, while offering its own spin on the idea.

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imvix2926d ago

Reminds me of dungeon keeper. Played Dungeon keeper 2 to few months back still an awesome game.