Kingdom Hearts 3D gets an official name, team making a game "not possible previously," more details

Square Enix has announced a new name title for Kingdom Hearts 3D, information on playable characters, and more details from the Square Enix conference in Japan.

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AbyssGravelord2831d ago

"Dream Drop Distance" - 3D


Capt-FuzzyPants2831d ago

Hmm hope this is great cause im really eager for kh3.

Urameshi2830d ago

Was stated that this game is immediately after coded and ties directly into KH3, so no, it is not a spinoff.

Optical_Matrix2830d ago

Yes, I know, but it's not KH3 is it. So therefore in my eyes it's a spin off. What I'm saying is that I'm sick and tired of all of these portable games and final mix's. They're not needed at all. I'll be getting this only so I can complete my KH collection, but all this time and SE could have easily made 3. They're milking KH for all its worth.

Jumper092831d ago

give us Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS3. Fucking Spinoff portable shit -.-*


This one leads up to KH3 idiot, all the other games that have recently come out out cover a lot of the games plot so they aren't spin-offs.

Jumper092831d ago

why lead to it? They should start on 3 already and show us something from it on a PS3.
Fucking Nintendo Crap

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