Nintendo: Why the 3DS is region-locked

EG writes: "Nintendo has told Eurogamer there is a "possibility" 3DS games from one region won't work when played by a 3DS from another region. Here's why."

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HarryMonogenis2926d ago

I just hope it's not too in-detail, and rather something like:




It would really be annoying if they split it up within Europe.

DORMIN2926d ago

Been researching and the divisions are as follows:



EU and AU

Yes Europe and Australia are combined meaning they will share servers and all. Anyways this pretty much seals that I wont be getting a 3DS at launch. Probably will much later because I would rather put money towards games.

smoothdude2925d ago

3DS will be hacked very soon by geohot and you will be able to play whatever you want on it. Remember it is for homebrew. Gosh I can't wait for 3DS homebrew. Lol

Rage_S902926d ago

these are the times when jailbreaking is ok to play region locked games

fatstarr2926d ago

Nintendo probbly has some agenda as in if you hack the 3DS you loose your regions access to w/e things they offer that region.

LostTokens2926d ago

I understand WHY Nintendo would region-lock, but it's still disappointing to hear. I love my hand-helds, and because they're not I can enjoy the occasional import game. Don't want to have to buy multiple platforms to play some great game that might be exclusive to one region or another.

Droid Control2926d ago

It seems America and Europe love Nintendo more than Japan loves America and Europe.

Baka-akaB2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Instead of just reporting a PR speech from companies , actual journalists would be harassing them with pertinent and probably embarassing questions .

As usual "game journalists" are only inquisitive and aggressive when talking to themselves in opinions pieces

SpoonyRedMage2926d ago

The problem is that it's futile because the obvious reasons(shareholders being concerned over exchange rates and regional publishers complaining) would never be given.

Baka-akaB2926d ago

That's not the issue . They dont do their job period , as usual .
Of course it's not specific to Eurogamer but the whole profession for eons now .

imoutofthecontest2926d ago

What sucks also is that any game journalist who even TRIES to do a good job at actually reporting gets lambasted immediately and relentlessly on the internet, and definitely gets labeled a "hater."
Gonna ask the tough questions? Gonna go after real explanations of things? Get ready for:
1) Game PR companies to blacklist you and not talk to you or give you free reviewable copies anymore.
2) Fanboys to get superdefensive and slap you with all kinds of labels.

For someone who wants to do actual journalism, sticking with the video game realm is discouraging to say the least.

supersonicsaga2926d ago


That is why I am going to try to get a job with a magazine or newspapers electronic section and try not to cover gaming exclusively.

SpoonyRedMage2926d ago

Ahh well I agree with you there. The difficult questions never get asked but we'd still never get the real answers*sigh*:(

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AllroundGamer2926d ago

hacked - region unlocked :p

SkylineR2926d ago

I was going to say jailbreak it and you're set. ;p

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The story is too old to be commented.