Best Mom Reaction To Dead Space 2

Inspired by EA's "mom reaction" ad campaign for Dead Space 2, its lead UI designer Dino Ignacio filmed his mom's reaction to the same scary gameplay footage. The result is surprising to say the least.

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Kran2832d ago


lil Titan2831d ago

the total opposite of what i thought i was going to see

SillySundae2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

"Uy nakakatakot naman" (This look sscary)

<... watches ... then laughs ... >

"Nawala yung ulo!!!" (He lost his head)

"Putol ang ulo o" (His head got severed)

<... laughs ....>

"Wala na" (It's gone)

OMG!!!! My mom reacted the same way with games like RE back then.

Corepred42831d ago

Off Topic: That's a pretty nice house!
On Topic: It's crazy how different cultures consider different things as scary.

egidem2831d ago

Something tells me these are going to pop up everywhere like the 2 girls 1 cup reaction videos.

As for this reaction, this woman clearly scares looks like she's seen worse elsewhere!

SoSLy2831d ago

To be honest, The fact that she knows her son MAKES video games and she knows that its just a GAME, if it was real im pretty sure shell be shitting her pants, but if it was my kid who created Dead Space 2 ill be pretty fcking proud(laugh in joy).

Dsnyder2831d ago

Deap Space is a sellout, just like betty white.

Jack-Pyro2831d ago

Say what you want about Dead Space, but besmirch the name of Betty White again and I'll slap the ever lovin shit outa you!


LostTokens2832d ago

That cackling at the end will haunt my dreams...

doctorstrange2831d ago

I won't be able to sleep tonight

Quagmire2831d ago

I shall check my closet and under my bed tonight before I go to sleep.

SandRazor2831d ago

LOL she was like nothing is happening during the video, and then when Isaac loses his head, she starts laughing. Best Mom Video Ever. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.