Fresh New Details on PS3 Portal 2

Valve has just transported some details about the Steam features included in the PS3 version of Portal 2.

First off all, Portal 2 will be the first console game to debut Steam, and it will feature cross platform play in multiplayer games, cloud-based storage for saves games, and cross platform chat. Both cross platform features include the PS3 and PC/Mac.

Valve doesn’t stop their either, because if you buy the PS3 version of Portal 2 you can unlock a Steam Play (PC/Mac) copy of the game for free by linking both your Steam and PSN accounts.

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LordMarius2926d ago

I said WOW

Gabe wasn't lying about Portal 2 being the best on the PS3

Pandamobile2926d ago

He never said that, he said the PS3 version would be the best console version, not best overall.

cakeisalie2926d ago

PS3 is the best console version. Best overall version is the PC version.

2926d ago
ksense2926d ago

wouldn't it be awesome if you can buy the game on steam and you can play the game on either pc or ps3.

hey! a man can dream!! #1.4
3d ago by ksense | View comment

lol i posted this the other day and bam this happens

awesome valve!!!

inveni02926d ago

Pretty freak'n sweet that you get PS3 AND PC version together. Now, I can play even if my wife wants to watch something on Netflix in the bedroom.

Kudos to ya for doing the PS3 right, Gabe. Kudos.

WhittO2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Id say best overall version is 100% on PS3, since the PS3 version comes with codes to BOTH Mac AND PC codes!!

You get 3 games in 1!

Wonder how the ps3 players will hold up against PC gamers haha, finally mouse vs controller?
I'd say mouse would win but some people I've seen online are crazy good with a controller! I'm actually worse at FPS now with a mouse than I am controller, because I've gotten so used to it.

LoVeRSaMa2925d ago

That is pretty awesome, I knew they were going to do this from what they said at E3.

E3 was amazing, I was I could have taken a picture of my own face when I saw Gabe Newel step on the Sony Stage.

gaffyh2925d ago

@ksense - I think they could do that, because technically all you'll have to really do is upload your savedata to the Steam servers, and then re-download it on your PC/PS3.

Pillage052925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

You wouldn't need to copy over you save files. Steam cloud will do this automatically if youre connected to the net....start a game on ps3...stop...let it update real fast...walk to pc...turn on steam and let it update real fast...continue right where you left off. steam already does this with pc/mac titles...or even if you have multiple pcs.

edit: nm gaffy i misread your comment.

BattleAxe2925d ago

Well heck, if I get a free Steam version of the game for buying the PS3 version, then I guess thats what I'll do :D

captain-obvious2925d ago

as a gamer that owns a gaming PC and loves steam
i love valve
and this is just got them a 1 up respect from me

IcarusOne2925d ago

So I guess Valve doesn't suck anymore?

uie4rhig2925d ago

yeah well considering you get a free PC copy with the PS3 version, doesn't that mean the PS3 version is infact the best version? i mean you get the best console version AND the best version..

TheIneffableBob2925d ago

Maybe, unless the PS3 version is $60 and the PC version is $40.

Areeb112925d ago

Xbox can get all the CoD maps a month early if they want, but we have the two most powerful gaming machines linked together for true Co-operation!

Foliage2925d ago

COD is buggy garbage, I have no idea why people still give them money. A company that went on record saying that they placed absolutely no security in their product against hackers, because in their opinion the console is responsible for their inability to properly code such important features as your freaking save files....

barom2925d ago

I really don't see anything from the announcement that it will provide a free PC/Mac copy. All I see is that we'll gain access to Steam friends and etc. I really hope its true and to some degree it makes sense for both sides (business wise) but I can't see anything indicating it from the released statements.

rockleex2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


Gabe already apologized for bashing the PS3 in the past, and taking so long to see that the PSN is the most open console network.

Which is why all these features for the PS3 version of Portal is possible.

Seeing all the things they've done for the PS3 version, we're glad to have Valve's support.

uie4rhig2924d ago

I guess there is that.. though for me even if that's the case, i'm still definitely buying the PS3 version.. let's just hope the game saves sync between the two platforms :)

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LunaticBrandon2926d ago

Best console version. Its right there in the article. The PS3 version is also more expensive than the PC version.

Ranshak2926d ago

Played Portal few months ago, that game requires fast reflexes. If portal 2 is anything like portal 1, it will require fast reflexes which Mouse and Keboard are better suited for. Hence asides the PC's superior performance and graphics, i think the game will have an edge gameplay wise as well on PC.

Viper72926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Actually PC is only faster at aiming, and games that require insane amount of hot keys to do well. Games like fighters or hack and slash games similar to DMC require quite fast reflexes from the player. These games are literally unplayable with mouse and keyboard.

Portal doesn't require that inhumanly fast 1px accuracy that some pc games do. This makes it suitable game for both platforms and even for cross platform multiplayer.
As for movement, pad is as fast or possibly even faster and more accurate than keyboard.

dead_eye2926d ago

What parts of portal required fast reflexes??
I played it on the PS3 with no problems.

fr0sty2925d ago

how do you know valve won't put kb/m support into the ps3 version? it has usb ports and bluetooth capability, it's more than capable of handling keyboard and mouse input. it's already been done in some games like UT3.

TheIneffableBob2925d ago

The regular levels in Portal didn't require fast reflexes. The challenge levels sorta did, and you definitely needed twitchy movement if you wanted to speed run the game.

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callahan092926d ago

"Valve doesn’t stop there either, because if you buy the PS3 version of Portal 2 you can unlock a Steam Play (PC/Mac) copy of the game for free by linking both your Steam and PSN accounts."

Well then that makes my buying decision a no-brainer! PS3 version it is! Get the Steam version for free when you buy the PS3 version? Oh hell yes!

B-Real2062926d ago

That made me so happy!!!!!!!! Day 1

nnotdead2925d ago

same here. i was going to pick Portal 2 up on Steam, but now i might as well get it for my PS3 if i also get the PC version. this makes me happy :)

ABizzel12926d ago

Ewwwwww. PS3 version it is :D

IaMs122925d ago

Well looks like im going buy PS3 version and play the PC version! WoW 2 birds with 1 stone! seems like it. So then i can play PS3 with PS3 friends and PC with PC friends :) or BOTH!

Bathyj2925d ago

Its not like Portal is a twitch shooter.

The advantage of a mouse over a controller with this game is negligible.

I'll take the controller, couch and 50" screen combo thanks.

TheGameFoxJTV2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'll take the $40 version in Full 1080p on my 52" inch LED TV, m/kb(or Controller), on couch anyday. Kappa
PC, it only save you $20 and gives you options and full HD.

kwicksandz2925d ago


Portal is very demanding precison wise requiring accurate jumps, portals midair,changing portals midair...

the advantage of mouse control is HUGE in portal

Bathyj2925d ago

Well, I must be gifted.

I made it through Portal with an Xbox controller just fine, and found more demanding to my brain than my thumbs.

Solidus187-SCMilk2925d ago

Im glad that everyone will be happy with them now instead of calling gabe fat!! LOL.

Ive always loved valve and they really are great devs. They made my favorite game ever, HALF-LIFE1, and they SUPPORT THEIR GAMES LIKE NO OTHER.

Im going to play portal on my PC(source games are about as much as my PC can handle these days) but Im excited to see what steam on ps3 is like.

kwicksandz2925d ago

lazy devs
gabe is fat
did i mention lazy devs?

cmon guys wheres the valve hate chorus gone?

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Theo11302926d ago

My only question is if it works the other way around. If I get the pc version on steam, and link my steam account with my psn account, can I Portal 2 free on the ps3 via download or something?

Pandamobile2926d ago

That'd be nice, but I doubt it. Valve may be incredibly awesome and generous, but I doubt they and Sony share that same level.

siliticx2925d ago

You could be surprised, this might be the biggest integration PSN has even seen. If Sony plays their cards right, they could become 1 hell of a platform changer.

Theo11302925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


Yeah but are they forward enough to allow steam to exist as a separate entity inside the ps3. Much like Steam exist in windows. I doubt sony will allow a competing digital delivery store on their platform, though If they merged them, it would be nice for PC and Ps3 development; It's more than what Microsoft is doing for pc game development.

siliticx2925d ago


Consider this... there's already a few competitors to them on PS3. Notably video stores.

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LunaticBrandon2926d ago

Couldn't someone buy the PS3 version get the PC version and return the PS3 version? I wouldn't do that because I like Valve but isn't it possible?

Pandamobile2926d ago

Seems like bit of a loophole, but there's probably something in place to prevent that.

dead_eye2926d ago

You'll have to register the ps3 version by going online with it. Most places won't take an opened game back unless its faulty.

Solidus187-SCMilk2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

you bring up a good point.

Could I rent/borrow the ps3 version and register it, and then get the PC version and return the game???? Is this only for people who download portal 2 on ps3 steam, or is it for people who buy the ps3 disk as well????

I wouldnt do that but its interesting to think about.

Neo Nugget2926d ago

You can't return it if you've used a code that came with the ps3 version, can you?

AKA2926d ago

I guess it will be if you only get a new copy you may get a one time use code that will give you acces to a digital copy for pc.
You can't return a open game, so its not posible to do this trick.
You can return it and get a new copy of the same game, that will give you a extra code but its a pain in the ass to fight with the manager.

LunaticBrandon2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Yeah they'll think of something to stop it. I just thought of something else though. What about trade ins? A game usually starts off with a trade value of $30 or $35 right? You could save anywhere from $10 to $20 by buying the PS3 version, getting the PC version and then trading in the PS3 version. Valve and Sony get their money and you save.

yewles12926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Why do THAT if the PC version will be cheaper?

Pillage052925d ago

what if you wanted 2 copies for co-op play? doesn't seem that hard to understand.

Solidus187-SCMilk2925d ago

If your getting the ps3 version anyways its great. If you plan on playing both then its great too.

I will probably just get it on PC as well, but if the ps3 version is the same price then I will just buy it for PS3, even though I will be playing on my PC.

nycredude2925d ago

I don't you understand the article. You buy the ps3 version steam version is free. Steam cloud will store your save file so you can continue your game on pc and then go back to ps3 version. You can cross platform chat and cross platform play! PS3, PC and Mac together!

This is by far the best more complete integration of multiple gaming platform ever so far. THis is big for the future if it takes off! Frankly I am surprised it took this long!

Surethere will be some that don't care or want to participate but many will!

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Ducky2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Perhaps, but that would only work if you play on the PC.

I don't know of many PC gamers that will go to such lengths to get a legit version of Portal2...

if they wanted to be douche's, they'd pirate it...
... and if they were just poor, they'd wait till the steam summer sale.

OpenGL2925d ago

The PS3 version probably comes with a cardboard insert that has a redeemable code on it that can only be used once.

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Tuxedoassassin2926d ago

Dammit, Sony did a great thing to get Valve supporting PS3. :)
Can´t wait for Portal 2!

Alpha_Gamer2926d ago

Wow, nice features, Kudos to Valve.